Read The Bible

If you don't think you should read the Bible then read this poem and hopefully, it will encourage you to open this book. The Bible is the best self-help book on the market. You can find answers to many of life's tough questions. (note: a study bible is a good bible to start with as it will explain the culture at the time and help you with understanding the passages)

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Read The Bible
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Take the Bible - read the Bible -
'Tis a precious, precious book:
Every day you scorn its message,
Careless on its pages look,
You deprive your souls of pleasure
Joys which they alone can tell,
Who have found it golden treasure
From the God of Israel.

Read the Bible love the Bible
Bind it firmly to the heart;
It will cheer you in your darkness,
And a generous light impart:
When the night of sorrow lengthens,
Friends forsake and peace has flown,
It will chase the gloomy shadows
With a brightness all its own.

Take the Bible - love the Bible -
All its precepts treasure up;
And amid life's sharpest trials
It will prove the star of hope:
In your pilgrimage 'twill cheer you
Shade by day and sun by night;
Joy in sorrow, health in sickness,
Peace and pleasure, pure delight.

Read the Bible - love the Bible -
'Tis a gift from God to man;
Every thought is inspiration,
Breathing of redemption's plan;
And the soul, in darkness groping,
Pointing to a region blest,
Where the wicked cease from troubling
And the weary are at rest.

Read the Bible - love the Bible -
Weary pilgrims, guileless youth;
Listen to its sweet instructions,
Words of wisdom, power, and truth:
Read the Bible - love the Bible -
Sick, in health, at home, abroad;
Every time you read its pages
You are nearer brought to God.

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