The truth will prevail, how true those words are. People may think they can get away with not telling the truth but at the end of the day it does catch up with them. It may take a while but the truth always wins. Some people think a little white lie can't hurt anything but even a little white lie can cause damage in ways you may not realize. The impact of not telling the truth not only affects other people but affects your character and your reputation. Daniel Colesworthy's poem states it like it is, the truth will prevail!

Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Truth will prevail, though men abhor
The glory of its light,
And wage exterminating war
And put all foes to flight.

Though trodden under foot of men,
Truth from the dust will spring,
And from the press— the lip — the pen —
In tones of thunder ring.

Beware — beware, ye who resist
The light that beams around,
Lest, ere you look through error's mist,
Truth strikes you to the ground.

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