If I Can

A prayer asking for help to do your best and to help others that will inspire and uplift you written by William Arthur Ward.

If I Can
Poet: William Arthur Ward

If I can write one verse of truth today
Or give my fellow man a song to sing;

If I can push one needless cloud away
And help men live as children of the King:

If I can lend someone a helping hand
Or warm a place where friendship needs to be;

If I can build a bridge where fences stand
And light a lamp that other men might see;

If I can open doors of hope this day
By letting someone know that others care;

If I can speak in words that seem to say:
I know the heavy burdens that you bear.

If I can guide a pilgrim on his way
Or pause to bid him stay for food and rest;

If I can do these, Father, this I pray:
"O let me do them with my very best."

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