If I Can

A prayer asking for help to do your best and to help others that will inspire and uplift you written by William Arthur Ward. Plus find other verses full of wisdom to inspire you to be the best that you can be.

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If I Can
Poet: William Arthur Ward

If I can write one verse of truth today
Or give my fellow man a song to sing;

If I can push one needless cloud away
And help men live as children of the King:

If I can lend someone a helping hand
Or warm a place where friendship needs to be;

If I can build a bridge where fences stand
And light a lamp that other men might see;

If I can open doors of hope this day
By letting someone know that others care;

If I can speak in words that seem to say:
I know the heavy burdens that you bear.

If I can guide a pilgrim on his way
Or pause to bid him stay for food and rest;

If I can do these, Father, this I pray:
"O let me do them with my very best."

An Injustice
by William Arthur Ward

Looking through the wrong end of a telescope
Is an injustice to the astronomer,
To the telescope,
And to the stars;
Likewise, looking at our neighbor’s faults
Instead of their attributes
Gives us an incorrect conception of
Ourselves, our neighbor, and our God.

Heaven On Earth
by William Arthur Ward

In his love for us,
God created heaven and earth;
With His love in our hearts,
We can create
Heaven on earth.

Walk With Love
by William Arthur Ward

Ours is not to understand God,
But to obey Him;
Not to sit in judgment of His children,
but to walk with them in love.

Steps to Achievement
by William Arthur Ward

Four steps to achievement:
Plan purposefully.
Prepare prayerfully.
Proceed positively.
Pursue persistently.

by William Arthur Ward

Gratitude can transform
common days into Thanksgiving,
Turn routine joys into joy,
And change ordinary opportunities
Into blessings.

by William Arthur Ward

Doors of opportunity are
Open to the optimist.

Gates of achievement
Swing wide for the person
Who sees infinite possibilities
In the insignificant

Prayer Is
by William Arthur Ward

Prayer is the prelude to peace,
The prologue to power,
The preface to purpose,
And the pathway to perfection

Deep Optimism
by William Arthur Ward

Deep optimism is aware of problems
But recognizes the solutions;

Knows about difficulties
But believes they can be overcome;

Sees the negative,
But accentuates the positive;

Is exposed to the worst,
But expects the best;
Has reason to complain,
But prefers to smile.

Trails You Leave
by William Arthur Ward

Every person has the power to make others happy.
Some do it simply by entering a room
others by leaving the room.
Some individuals leave trails of gloom;
others, trails of joy.
Some leave trails of hate and bitterness;
others, trails of love and harmony.
Some leave trails of cynicism and pessimism;
others trails of faith and optimism.
Some leave trails of criticism and resignation;
others trails of gratitude and hope.
What kind of trails do you leave?

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