The Golden Rule

What does the Golden Rule mean? In this poem, three men were asked and while each had different answers the end result is the same.

The Golden Rule
Poet: William Arthur Ward

I asked three men this question yesterday:
"What does the Golden Rule mean most to you?"
One could not hear what each man had to say
Without becoming filled with faith anew.

The one was a man of God indeed
Who serves with consecrated heart and head.
His answer was the keynote of his creed:
"To love thy neighbor as thyself," he said.

The second man, an athlete on the court,
He paused to rest, and wore a handsome smile.
He told the Golden Rule of any sport:
"To me, it means to go the second mile."

The third, a friendly merchant in a store
Was quick to share his thoughts and point of view
To him the Golden Rule is giving more
Than one expects his fellow man to do.

I sought one answer best of all the three,
Then suddenly I clearly understood
The simple truth that each had said to me:
The Golden Rule is living Brotherhood.

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