The Choices

An inspiring poem by William Arthur Ward that points out the choices we make affect the type of person we will become and what tomorrow will look like. We all have the ability to choose, and sometimes we make good choices and other times our choices are not the best. Let the verses in this poem remind you that the choice you make today will affect your tomorrow.

The Choices
Poet: William Arthur Ward

The choices we make each day of the week,
The paths that we take, the goals that we seek,
The kind of persons one day we will be
Is daily determined by you and me.

Each thought that we think, each word that we say
Affect our tomorrows in some strange way.
Each task that we finish, if it's well done,
Prepares us to tackle a bigger one.

For each of us has a talent or two,
A chance to make good on the jobs we do;
A measure of time to squander or use
Is given to us - it's our job to choose.

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