22 Self Doubt Quotes

Be encouraged by these self doubt quotes. Self-doubt quotes speak to the issue of lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, and forthrightly dispel thoughts that suggest you are stuck in a rut from which you cannot escape.

The importance of eliminating doubt in every persons' life is the same as saying that a person must have air to breathe. Lack of confidence in your own ability or that low self-esteem that you may see in friends, family members or colleagues is a huge albatross upon their shoulders.

Life has much more to offer than being stuck in the quagmire of feeling unworthy or unappreciated. Doubt can stop you from moving forward. No matter where you are, wherever you come from, no matter what station in life has been handed to you, every person has value, has worthiness and needs to know it. You can help yourself or somebody you know by understanding and digesting what the various authors have said about doubt through their quotations and thoughts.

  1. Self-doubt is paralyzing. It makes you go back and forth endlessly with all the possible options, afraid to make a move.
    Gail Brenner, Suffering Is Optional
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  2. Too many of us miss out on opportunities in life because we lack self-confidence.
    Russ Harris, The Confidence Gap
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  3. Self-discipline and self-esteem are two vital aspects of life... You may have poor self-esteem now, but self-discipline can help boost your confidence and improve your perception of yourself and your perception of how others see you.
    Marsha McKay, Self Esteem Workbook
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  4. It's your choice! Always be aware that the decision is not with the other, but with you! Nobody can force you into something you do not want.
    Amras Annárë, Saying NO
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  5. Nobody asked you or forced you to accept self-doubts. What you have imposed on yourself can also be rejected - right now.
    Robert R. Rivers
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  6. Self-esteem is how you view and value yourself. If you value yourself highly, you’ll have higher standards for yourself and what you’re willing to tolerate or welcome into your life.
    Christian Peak, Self Esteem Workbook
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  7. You are a unique individual. No one can take away your inner value; never yield to self-doubt because of someone else's opinion.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  8. Doubt steals hope. And with no hope, everything that matters doesn’t feel as important anymore.
    Jennie Allen, Get Out of Your Head
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  9. Often at the heart of procrastination are feelings of self-doubt. The solution - take action, any action that moves the yardsticks of life forward.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
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  10. Self-esteem is a confidence one has in his own abilities and worthiness. A person with good self-esteem generally defends himself and believes he deserves to be treated well.
    Raphael Dume, Self-Confidence 101
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  11. We all make mistakes, but some people then begin to doubt themselves after one mistake. Learn from it, don't allow self doubt to rule your life. Keep moving forward.
    Sam Fickinsen
    Poems About Mistakes

  12. No amount of thinking or worrying about our fears will ever lead us away from them.
    Brian Sachetta, Get Out of Your Head
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  13. Tackling the demons of self-doubt is a brave and worthy pursuit. At times, you’re going to feel discouraged ... but that just means you’re really trying ... better than allowing low self-confidence to keep you on the sidelines of life.
    Barbara Markway PhD, The Self Confidence Workbook
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  14. On our path towards a happier life, there may be no more important journey than the one from self-doubt to self-confidence.
    Tal Ben-Shahar
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  15. You don’t want to just survive, you want to thrive ...The secret of reaching this flourishing state is to overcome self-doubt and build your confidence.
    Louisa Jewell, Wire Your Brain for Confidence
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  16. While a little humility is a good thing, too much self-doubt can keep you from achieving what you were put on earth to accomplish. Being your best, authentic self is the only way to fulfill your dreams
    Denise Jacobs, Banish Your Inner Critic
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  17. ... your failure to fulfill your hopes and dreams was due in large part to your inability to get out of your own way. It’s never too late. The time to overcome your self-defeating behaviors is now.
    Mark Goulston, Get Out of Your Own Way
    Poems About Failure

  18. To trust in your self and your abilities isn't prideful or ego centric. It's knowing that you need to perform really hard to be the very best in what you're doing.
    John James Davies, The Confidence Code
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  19. Your self-esteem affects virtually everything in your life and how you go about living and experiencing every day. It has influence not only on how you relate to others, but also on how you relate to yourself.
    Alison Care, The Self-Esteem Workbook
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  20. The great news is, you can be one of the few people that learn how to build an undeniable, persistent, and genuine level of self-confidence that won’t be affected by outside circumstances.
    Mark Phillins, Self Confidence Workbook
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  21. Learn to master your thoughts about fears, and the battle is half won. The fear you have is yours. Nobody else handed it to you.
    Scott Allan, Empower Your Fear
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  22. I realized that I could spend the rest of my life doubting myself, or I could make the brave decision to work through self-doubt and allow myself to be stretched in ways I had not been before.
    Morgan Harper Nichols, All Along You Were Blooming
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