Work Stress

We all experience work stress in our lives. And, some stress is not a bad thing, but too much stress can cause serious health problems. Read our positive message about your work and your stress to give you some thoughts on keeping your stress levels at a healthy balance.

Your Work and Your Stress
Author: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2008

We all want less stress in our lives. Do you think today's workplace is too stressful?

Each generation feels workplaces are more stressed.  But with all the advances made in technology and modern conveniences you would think stress in the workplace would be less today! But there is one secret, read on....

You Control It
I know at times it may be difficult to accept, but, you and only you can control your stress.

Stress is not only created by how we see a situation but also how we react to it. We do, in fact, control our own stress. So, if you are feeling "stressed out", you are responsible for creating that feeling.

I am not saying there are no situations that are stressful. What I am saying, however, is that how you choose to react to those situations will determine your own stress levels. These reactions will affect how you behave, how you communicate with those around you, and how you respond to your customers and clients.

One Question To Ask
When I start to feel stress, I ask myself this question:
"how much will this matter in five years?"
In the majority of cases, it doesn't matter. It is amazing, how this one, simple question can change your thought processes, and lower your stress levels resulting in less stress.

Another technique I use when my job seems overwhelming is to keep it all in perspective by saying to myself:
"My job is important but it only forms part of my life - it is not my entire life."
So, by thinking this way, I am altering my thoughts from one where my job controls and rules my entire life to one where I realize my job forms only a part of my life's equation.

So the next time you feel your job is causing you stress, ask yourself how am I reacting? You may find that it is not your job creating the stress but you are creating the stress.

We all need some stress in our lives, but less stress is better than more stress!

Thoughts of Others To Consider
Workplaces are the top sources of stressors, and the mere fact that most people spend more active hours at work than at home means that
coping up to the pressure of their careers is as important as achieving deep relaxation at home. Chris Adkins, Work Problems

The development of patience requires an understanding of the root causes of our stress, anxiety, and frustration. Allan Lokos, Patience

It all starts with changing your mindset, then the rest will follow. When you come in Monday morning (or whenever you come in at work), take a deep breath and be thankful you have a job.  Carlos Matias, Stress Free Work

Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.  Douglas Pagels

So how does one cope with so much connectivity at his or her fingertips? The answer is deceptively simple, but one that is difficult to execute in reality: Detach.....In fact, YOU will be letting YOURSELF down if you don’t disconnect from work. In the long run, you’ll not be even more stressed, but will be more vulnerable to burnout.  Carl Ostling, Work Stress

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