A poem about feeding the birds, especially in the winter. Patience Strong expresses thoughts that remind us to take care of the birds.

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Poet: Patience Strong

When the grass is stiff with frost, and Winter really comes -
don't forget the birds -
for they can do with all the crumbs -
You'll see them waiting patiently, lined up along the fence -
While you enjoy your breakfast they are waiting in suspense ....

And all those crusts that always get left over in the bin -
Don't let them get all stale and hard, it really is a sin -
Just soak them -
and then throw them out -
they'll love them -
mark my words -
Our crumbs and scraps and pieces make a banquet for the birds!

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Where memories bloom it’s always Spring
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Sky-blue irises unfold, and poppies pink and red
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Poet:  Patience Strong

I like the flashy robin with his smart gay scarlet vest -
I like the bluetits and the wrens, the lapwings and the rest -
I like their fancy jackets and their caps and ruffles too -
But, little sparrow in the fence, my favorite bird - is you!

Dressed in your drab and sober garb,
You hop along the path
Snubbed by the plump presumptuous birds
Who scare you from your bath.

You're just a ragamuffin -
Just a common little thing
A shabby-coated outcast -
Why you cannot even sing!

And yet you are my favourite,
With your simple friendly ways -
You're faithful, too - you stay
With me through all the winter days.

You may be plain and homely,
But you need not be afraid,
God cares for you as much
As for the other birds He made.

Fed by the bounty of His Love
You live your tiny span.
Content to be the humblest in His vast
And perfect plan.

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