So often we don't listen or we become deaf to the sounds around us. Let this poem by Patience Strong remind you to take the time to listen to your surroundings, don't just take them for granted.

by Patience Strong

"Listen -
that's a lovely word -
it makes us quiet and still -
There's so much in the world to hear -
The birds that chirp and trill -

The wild wind fluting in the trees -
The drumming of the rain -
The muffled fluttering of moths against a window pane;
Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and Grieg -
Giants of music's art -
Created golden melodies to stir the human heart -

The world is full of lovely sounds -
They fall about our ears -
Remembered in serenity-
They echo down the years -
A voice we loves, a waterfall, a violin, a thrush -
All steal into the quiet heart in Memory's solemn hush....

So close your eyes and listen,
You will hear all kinds of things -
The secret language of flowers -
The whir of fairies' wings...

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