The Gift

A short poem by Patience Strong about giving gifts. True wisdom is reflected in these verses. A great poem to read about giving gifts to others. The poem reminds us of what is really important when giving a gift

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The Gift
by Patience Strong

It's not the price that sets the value on the gift we send -
It's how much love goes with it -
That's what matters in the end -
The spirit of the giving, the affection that we feel -
The selfless thought behind the act that makes it good and real...

A little simple thing can bring great happiness to you -
If given in sincerity with wishes kind and true ....

The gift we give without our love is worthless, dead, and cold -
While gifts we give from out the heart are worth their weight in gold.

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Poet: Patience Strong

It's fun to go shopping with someone you like -
Some good friend who won't mind you you stop -
And you gaze in the windows and wander about
Looking round in each different shop.

It's so nice just to stare at the things that you'd like -
Though you haven't the money to buy -
Pretty hats, shoes and gowns, books and furniture too -
Lovely pictures - you have to pass by!

But I'm sure I'd be bored if I had all the things for myself -
Heaps of money to spend -
For the wishing and wanting is half of the fun
Of a day round the shops with a friend.

Poet: Patience Strong

We depend upon each other,
Each one in his own small way -
giving something of himself
In terms of service day by day –

Working for his own reward yet
Adding to the common good.
Half our troubles would be ended
If this truth were understood.

We are bound by unseen cords and
Everything we say and do –
Tends to help or harm another.
Let us try then to pursue –

Nothing that would cause division,
Hate, unrest or jealousy.
Put no strain upon the
Ties of fellowship and unity.

All our lives are interwoven.
On each other we rely.
Brain and brawn must work together,
Letting ancient grudges die.

At the desk and at the plough,
In mine and mill and factory.
All are needed in the drive for
Peace and for prosperity.

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