Bedside Books

For anyone who loves books this poem by Patience Strong is one that you can relate to. We all have favorite books, ones that inspire us and give us a lift when we read them.

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Bedside Books
Poet:  Patience Strong

My house is full of well-loved books -
They're scattered round the place -
In unexpected corners -
On the shelves and in the case.

But on the table by my bed, I keep a little row -
Of precious books -
My favorite ones -
And when I'm tired I go -
And find some passage that inspires with words like angel wings -
That lift me up above the swirl of petty human things...

A truth from some great poet's pen -
A lovely, lilting phrase -
A message that will spur me on,
And light the darkest days.

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Poet: Patience Strong

God put music into our hearts to make life bearable
Soothing, consoling or inspiring, sad or beautiful
Music leads us beyond ourselves into another land
It is a language that all can speak and all can understand.

Changing Things Around
Poet: Patience Strong

Sometimes when you’re feeling glum
it helps to change things round.
There is satisfaction and
a pleasure to be found
In rearranging furniture,
and moving pictures too
A little alteration is
sometimes overdue

The Glow
Poet: Patience Strong

Cultivate a grateful mind.
Be thankful every day
For blessings undeserved and
count each one along the way

Thankfulness brings happiness
because it puts a glow
On everyone and everything
as through the world you go.

The Artist
Poet: Patience Strong

To the eye that is open to
Beauty the world is a gallery
Of pictures untouched by brush or palette,
Painted for all to see

Nature sets up her easels
Wherever you chance to stray
Directing your glance to a sunset,
Or flowers growing wild by the way.

The Jigsaw
Poet: Patience Strong

Life’s a jigsaw puzzle and
When you first look at it –
You wonder how you’re ever
Going to make the pieces fit –

But take your time and
Bit by bit the picture you will see –
As the fragments come together
Fitting perfectly.

Poet: Patience Strong

Do with pride the little jobs
And get into the way
Of putting every ounce
Into the details of the day.

Though it’s unimportant,
Do it well and see it through.
Let perfection be your aim
In everything you do.

A Dream
Poet: Patience Strong

Nowhere’s too far
For a dream to go.
For a dream can outrun
The winds that blow.

And take a rainbow
In its stride,
Waiting not for
Time or tide.

Poet: Patience Strong

The telephone has almost killed
The sweet and gentle art
Of writing lengthy letters, friend to friend,
And heart to heart

For people haven't got the time
In this speed-cray day
To put their thoughts on paper
In a leisured, charming way.

To draw from wells of quiet thought
And set oneself apart
To write a long, long letter
From the fullness of the heart.

To make the pen and wander on down
Memory's fragrant way
Reviving all the golden dreams
Of some sweet yesterday.

And so I keep my letters,
Tattered pages from the years
They wave the story of the past
With laughter, hope and tears

They bridge the gulf
From heart to heart
I read them all again
And catch the quiet echoes
Of the rapture and the pain.

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