The Book For All Time

Facing troubles or crisis in your life, then this poem refers to the one Book that has answers and is a guide for living life. Strickland Gillilan's poem, The Book For All Time, is one that imparts wisdom for us all to reflect upon.

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The Book For All Time
by Strickland Gillilan

There never was a trouble yet," I've heard my mother say,
That wasn't mentioned in this Book I study every day.
There never was a crisis in a human life, I'm sure,
But had its prototype in this the Book that must endure.

She doesn't say things to me now that mother wise of mine
At least not with the sort of voice she did. But clear and fine
I hear her admonitions just as plainly now as when
She read to me the same old things, again and yet again.

I didn't know it sank so deep the wisdom she imparted.
It took the years relentless years that left me heavier-hearted
To show me how her words and voice I thought I slightly heeded
Were stored to give my later life the things it sorely needed.

And now when, in a hotel room, I take the little Book
The Gideons God bless them! gave, I reverently look
Through page on page and find therein, to my profound surprise,
Full proof, through this great wonder Book, that God's all-seeing eyes

Foresaw that day that very day that was so new to me,
And had discoursed, through minds inspired, on all that I should be
And do, throughout the crisis that had seemed to me unique!
How marvelously down the years those wondrous pages speak!

And, strangely, things I read in there sound different, somehow,
From ordinary printed stuff. And hence my little vow
That I, both for my mother's sake, and for my own sake too,
Will search the Scriptures every day they tell me what to do!

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