A poem of encouragement that reminds us shadows are not as dark as they seem. Patience Strong's poem is one which can be applied to all things in life; when we feel down or discouraged by something, when we feel there is no solution, think of a shadow - things are not as bad as they seem.

We cannot expect that all things, every day will be just the way we want them. We all face challenges and roadblocks in life however there is light, we just have to focus our thoughts on the positive not on the negative, as things are not as dark as they seem! We hope this short poem is one that will inspire and encourage you.

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by Patience Strong

The candlelight flings funny shapeless shadows on the wall
And when I put the candle out the queer moon-shadows fall
The sun casts shadows on the lawn when there are trees around
Like stripes of blackness painted on the green and shining ground...

And in the country when a could obscure the blazing sun
Across the golden fields of corn the dancing shadows run
And so it seems in daily life the shadows come and go
We cannot have the light without the shadow - this we know

And so when cares depress you and you cannot see a gleam
Remember shadows are not quite as dark as they may seem.

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