Feeling Overwhelmed

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Author: Catherine Pulsifer ©2008

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How many times have you felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of a problem, task, or goal? You just can't imagine how you will accomplish a task or a goal. Or you feel the problem is just too much for you to handle. Those feelings can defeat you before you even begin.

You can't see beyond the entire thing that you must accomplish. Your mind can't seem to focus as the task is too large.

Perhaps the task first seemed like a challenge, but now is it overwhelming you and causing you anxiety. If you quit then nothing gets done and all you experience is the feeling of discouragement.

So what do you do?

That First Step
For most people, the hardest part of moving forward is taking that first step. You could end up creating "a thousand forests", but nothing will be achieved until you take that first step.

Rather than looking at the whole staircase, you just need to take one step at a time. And while sometimes they may be baby steps, at least you are moving in the direction you need to move.

And with that, you will experience the feeling of accomplishment rather than the feeling of being overwhelmed!

The results of doing that "one" act could dramatically influence the lives of thousands of people.

Think about the quest to put a man on the moon. Was it a little problem? Obviously not. How was it accomplished? By taking that first step, then another, then ...

You may be inspired to move forward, feeling confident and in control by knowing that many years ago the saying, "reach for the stars", was taken very seriously by only a few. This is especially noteworthy when most people said it was impossible!

Create An Action Plan
When doing goal setting we are taught to create action plans. Each task you complete moves you closer to your end goal.

It is always a great idea to create an action plan for the tasks required when working towards a goal.  Rather than looking at the end goal and becoming discouraged and feeling overwhelmed, break down your goal into action plans. This technique can work for any issue that we find overwhelming.

Remember Mr. Emerson's Words
Next time you are feeling overwhelmed remember the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn", and do one thing, even if just a little thing.

And as you do that one thing always remember the saying:
"From little acorns grow mighty oaks"
Don't try and do it all at once, remember the acorn.

The secret to overcoming that feeling of being overwhelmed is small but  consistent actions taken every day!

To Summarize
When your problems seem overwhelming - Don't quit - Take one step at a time!

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