Cinderella Poem

A Cinderella poem written by Patience Strong with a message of encouragement for those with a wish. We all know the famous story of Cinderella - one in which favoritism is shown by the wicked Stepmother towards her two daughters. This poem relays the story but contains a message in its verses.

And no matter how hard Cinderalla worked or what creative ideas she used, the Stepmother and the two stepsisters destroyed her plans. But in the end, Cinderella's fairy Godmother appeared and Cinderalla's dream came true. But the story takes a twist as while she meets and dances with the Prince she had to leave by midnight and the Prince never got her name, but he knew she was special to him. She left her slipper behind and through that slipper found her, even against the cruelty of the Stepmother and stepsisters.

The poem has a couple of messages in it. The first is that favoritism or prejudice has no place in our society. It may temporarily win, however, it usually comes back and corrects itself. So be like Cinderella no matter what you face, keep trying and do not be discouraged if things do not work out right away.

And second, even though this is a made-up story, it is a story that can hold true today. The poet's last line in the poem, "In dreams each Cinderella is a beautiful Princess!" What is inside is what counts. Every child should be taught that. And, it is important to have dreams. Even when we think our dreams will never come true, if we have goals, and hope it is amazing what sometimes happens. Let the story of Cinderella be one that inspires and encourages you not to give up. Don't let the story be just a fairytale, let the story be a reminder that dreams do come true!

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Poet: Patience Strong

The little maid-of-all-work sits beside the firelight glow -
The teardrops glisten in her eyes, for oh, she longs to go,
Dressed in a gown of satin, to the splendours of the Ball -
Poor Cinderella, dreaming in her little ragged shawl...

And suddenly, from nowhere, Fairy Godmother appears -
"Come, come," she says, "You'll have your wish, so dry your foolish tears."
The wish is granted, there she stands, a vision of delight -
Wrapped in a cloak of gold and hung with jewels rare and bright...

The pumpkin is a shining coach beneath the magic spells -
And milk-white ponies all a-jingle with their silver bells...
But that's an old, old story - Tell us something new, you say -
But don't you see these characters are with us still today...

The world is full of Cinderellas, crying for a star -
A-wishing for a golden coach (a fine, grand motor-car) -
Dancing with Prince Charming in a cheap and shabby dress -
In dreams each Cinderella is a beautiful Princess!

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Further thoughts on dreams can be seen in the excerpt below; from Patience Strong's book, the author of "The Gayworthys":

"Not but what the doing does deepen it all. It is like putting any other dream into action.
You can dream in a minute; but it takes days and years to live your dream out;
and if you can live it, you haven't made it your own until you do.

It is only that the minutes are given to them who are forbidden the days and the years;
and in the Lord's giving He can make the days as the years, and the minutes as the days.
And so things come by, and you get your share, and the bit is multiplied.
When the people were hungry. He made them quietly sit down on the green grass.
(There is always " much grass " — much possible green content — in every place.)
And He gave to the few, and the few to the many; and there was enough for all."

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