Beauty Hint

A beauty hint that we should all follow. This poem will make you smile but contains wisdom that we should all follow!

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Beauty Hint
by Patience Strong

We keep our shoes all spick and span (it's nice to see smart feet) -
We always see that clothes are brushed -
We must look trim and neat!
We wash our gloves religiously (that's if they're cream or white) -
There mustn't be a spot on them if we should look just right...

We have our shampoo once a week and keep the waves in place -
We buy the latest creams and perfumed powder for the face -
We do our exercises just to keep ourselves in trim,
And cut out the cakes and chocolates in the hope of getting slim! -
We spend our time and money keeping up that certain style -

But none of it is any use,
Unless we wear a smile!
It's more important than the most expensive sort of hat -
And strange to say it doesn't cost a bean -
Imagine that!

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If You Stand Very Still

by Patience Strong

If you stand very still in the heat of a wood
You will hear many wonderful things;
The snap of a twig and the wind in the trees,
And the whirr of invisible wings.

If you stand very still and hold to your faith
You will get all the help that you ask;
You will draw from the silence
the things that you need,
Hope and courage and strength for your task.

Walking Tall
by Patience Strong

Yesterday’s steps you can’t retrace,
by slowing down or quickening pace,
changing course, or turning back –
You still will be on the same old track.
The only change worthwhile you’ll find,
will be a change of heart and mind –
 leading and directing you -
on towards that lovely view.

Keep to the rules and bear your load,
along the rough and rutted road,
on that wayside seat awhile -
gathering strength for the second mile.
Keeping an eye on that distant height,
that draws you on by day and night -
walking tall and walking straight –
the better world to recreate.

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