Smile More

Let these poems remind you to smile more. Verses and quotes for encouragement, inspiration, and grins.

It is easy in the good times to smile more, but what about the challenging times? It is always more difficult to smile more, but if we did, we would find ourselves feeling better. Smiling can change our mood, and also when others see a smiling face it can change their mood also.

So, the message of these poems, Smile More!

Smiles Give
Poet: Julia Bias

Smiles are so cheap, why not willingly give
A dozen a day for each day that we live?
They brighten the face and hearts happy make.
Why not smile with good grace
Just for some one's own sake.
I admire the face that wears the true smile
For in it I trace a friend worth the while
That I look on the face with sweet, true smile.

smile poem to make you laugh

Smile By Day
Poet: John A. Joyce

Smile by day and smile by night,
Smile when wrong and smile when right,
Smile in sunshine, smile in rain,
Smile in joy and smile in pain,
Smile at trouble near or far,
Smile at every wound or scar,
Smile misfortune down the line,
Smile above the foaming of wine,
Smile abroad and smile at home,
Smile upon land and foam,
Smile when bright eyes meet your own,
Smile with soul and tender tone.
Smile the hours and years away,
Smile unto your dying day!

Smile Once In Awhile
Poet: Mary O'Beirne

Smile once in a while,
'Twill make your heart feel lighter
Smile once in a while,
"Twill make your pathway brighter;

Life's a mirror, if we smile;
Smiles come back to me us;
If we're frowning all the while.
Frowns forever greet us.

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Smile More Quotes:

A smile is a tonic we all can take in daily mixtures with our fate.
We know not, cannot estimate its value, though it's late.
Abigail Thompson Rowe
Smile Quotes

Each day is just another reason to smile!
Somya Kedia
Good Morning Quotes

When a new day begins,
Dare to smile gratefully.
When there is darkness,
Dare to be the first to shine a light.
Steve Maraboli, Dare To Be

Good Morning, have a great day
May you have more smiles and sunshine than you did yesterday
And may tomorrow be greater in everyway!
Good Morning Poems

Stars were born from the smiles of people like you.
Emma Bleker
Poems of Encouragement

Life to me is all that I see, each and every day.
It's the family I love, the people I speak of, it's a smile I receive on my way.
Julie Hebert, Life To Me
Poems About Life

Happiness branches from the tree of kindness, abounding with the fruit of sweet smiles.
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes
Kindness Poem

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