Broken Romance

What may at first appear to be a sad romantic poem is destined to linger on in true love. The aspects of new love can vault one's feelings skyward.

Amidst the adoration, the poet writes, "A garden with roses and sweet-singing birds -And two lovers dreaming the moments away", and these moments in time seem frozen to have no end. But, as time passes, they move away in the mind to become only memories. However, love, that is true love, never fades. Love transcends time and continues to blossom through the years as togetherness meets the hills and valleys of life that unfolds.

It is a love that deepens when the heart never forgets what lies within its reach. Undoubtedly, like most good things in life, there will be stages of turmoil, periods of disagreement or fantasies of things to come that may be dashed onto the rocks of circumstances. Some of these circumstances may be our own doing brought on by our behaviours and actions whether that be consciously or unconsciously. So, what could be the remedy?

More often than not, the real secret to avoiding or minimizing unwanted reactions from the other person is to be open and honest; that is to say, that communication between two parties whether lovers or friends is the key to long-term relationships. And, it is often doing all the little acts of kindness that demonstrate a healthy and ongoing love relationship. This means that loving, caring and compassion ride by your side each day of the year not just on a special day like a birthday or anniversary. Little things done in love add up to more than one big thing done once a year.

But, the affections, if wholesome and true, will be able to surmount all life's issues, troubles and plight no matter where or when they occur. For it is not that each person is a rock unto themselves; it is, nonetheless, that two together make each issue less and every difficulty wane when two wrestle to find solutions.

Patience Strong does not cast love only to memories of what happened before but gives birth to renewed love when she states, "A sad little story, but who knows, my friend? Your romance may still have a beautiful end."

Whatever the need, we all know that it takes two to craft an ending that sings of passion; that serves to blast the hurts and pains to little pieces that not one of these will ever dominant or erode a love that springs together. Never fear what love may conquer when that love is bound in thoughtful and loving solutions to end what may not have been a merry ending.

We can all relate to summer romances and the feelings they bring.

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Broken Romance
by Patience Strong

You told me your story -
A picture in words -
A garden with roses and sweet-singing birds -
And two lovers dreaming the moments away -
Bewitched by the spell of the blue Summer's day...

A brief hour of magic and Love's ecstasies-
Now locked in the casket of old memories -
The Summer has ended -
The roses have gone -
The lovers have parted -
Yet Love lingers on -
The songs and the laughter have ended in tears,
As lonely, heart-broken they face the long years...

A sad little story, but who knows, my friend?
Your romance may still have a beautiful end.

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