A Summer Morning

The feelings of a summer morning are reflected in this poem by Arthur Franklin Fuller. When we think of a summer morning we think of the sun rising in the east, the flowers opening up, roosters calling and the birds all awaking. The day is a new day bringing with it our hopes and dreams.

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A Summer Morning
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

First along the eastern sky
A golden glow is seen —
Clouds and shadows speed away,
Grass and trees show green;
Flowers and other vegetation,
Yester-eve forlorn,
Stand erect — a glad oration
To the dew of morn.

Roosters make exultant call —
Heralds of the day —
Birds full throated glad with all
Sing as song birds may;
Nature gives revivication —
Heaviness is gone —
Earth is glad with expectation,
With the approach of dawn.

Beautiful is this mundane sphere —
Best at early morn —
Lovelier in her virgin state,
Than aught which man can form;
Night-time hints of dissolution —
Day and hope are done —
Life and noble aspiration
Dawn with Morning's sun.

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