A Summer Morning

The feelings of a summer morning are reflected in this poem by Arthur Franklin Fuller. When we think of a summer morning we think of the sun rising in the east, the flowers opening up, roosters calling and the birds all awaking. The day is a new day bringing with it our hopes and dreams. You may also enjoy our collection of poems about the seasons.

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A Summer Morning
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

First along the eastern sky
A golden glow is seen —
Clouds and shadows speed away,
Grass and trees show green;
Flowers and other vegetation,
Yester-eve forlorn,
Stand erect — a glad oration
To the dew of morn.

Roosters make exultant call —
Heralds of the day —
Birds full throated glad with all
Sing as song birds may;
Nature gives revivification —
Heaviness is gone —
Earth is glad with expectation,
With the approach of dawn.

Beautiful is this mundane sphere —
Best at early morn —
Lovelier in her virgin state,
Than aught which man can form;
Night-time hints of dissolution —
Day and hope are done —
Life and noble aspiration
Dawn with Morning's sun.

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Another poem by Fuller about the end of the day:

Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

At last the tedious day is at an end -
The long cool shadows hush the world to calm;
The grateful quietude of twilight hours,
Distills o'er tired earth its restful balm.

From out the clovered meadows' misty depths,
The loving kine come slowly into sight;
The circling swallows chirp their vesper hymn,
And hoof and feather seem to welcome night.

Anon the frogs in lusty chorus make
Response to creeky solos from the trees;
The risen moon his calm approval smiles
To star-lamps all in place, and earth at ease.

And another poem that talks of the sunset yet it talks of  love:

Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

My sunset love is passing fair,
The golden west illumes her hair;
Sunbeams reluctant, sink to rest
And make rare tints on the sea's broad breast.
Her crown of glory is more grand
Than regal crown of any land;
Can this poor tongue her worth recite?
Describe her charm, my heart's delight!

My sunset love is wondrous sweet.
My heart enslaved lies at her feet.
'Tis joy to live, conceive and know
God's boundless good for Man below.
May this perverted world perceive.
Though dull and dense it aye hath been,
And yield the homage due her light.
My sunset-love, good-night, good-night.

My sunset love hath eyes that shine
With mildness, mercy - gifts divine,
No evil things engage her thought -
Of plot or plunder she knows naught;
With her no games for bloody gold -
Of selling souls and being sold,
So, godly fair, and simply bright,
Heav'n keep my sunset-love this night!

My sunset-love hath sunny hair
That charms away my weary care;
In her companionship I find
Repair for body, soul and mind;
Ah, all is well when love is near.
To soothe and comfort, rest and cheer-
Life and the West with gold are bright.
My sunset-love, good-night, good-night.

My sunset-love hath pearly teeth,
As sweet as new-mown hay her breath -
Rose-petals form her dainty lips,
My soul in fancy boldly sips
The nectar of her kisses sweet;
For her alone this heart doth beat -
Her angel hands are soft and white.
My sunset-love, good-night, good-night.

My sunset-love's dear voice to me
Is sweeter than a song-bird's glee -
Ignoble impulse flees in shame
At the mere mention of her name!
Her flesh is soft and firm; and grace
Of movement, outline, give her place
As queen of queens - vision bright!
My sunset-love, good-night, good-night.

And thus may you my love behold
Templed Life, in Beauty's mold;
Of all God's creatures, you'll agree,
The fairest of the fair is she!
I cannot, would not think nor dream
Of anything in Earth or Heav'n
Save God and her, my life, my light.
My sunset-love, good-night, good-night

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