Start Your Day With A Smile

Why start your day with a smile? Because it will start your day out on a positive note. We all have a choice regarding our outlook and attitude each and every day. We can choose to smile or frown. We can choose to get upset or laugh. Life is tough enough without us making it more difficult because of our mood. It is always better to smile!

We hope these poems will make you smile and start your day on a positive note!

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  1. If You Will Smile
    Poet: David V. Bush

    If you will start your daily task
    With cheerful smile and face aglow,
    In friendship's pleasing rays you'll bask,
    And toil each hour will lighter grow.
    If you will smile!

    If you will face life's problems dire
    With twinkling eye and smiling lip,
    Less quickly will the burdens tire,
    And far less often will you trip,
    If you will smile!

    If you will smile at need and care.
    And laugh at poverty's dark threat.
    Some day the victor's crown you'll wear,
    And bright success will greet you yet.
    If you will smile!

    If you will smile, no hostile force
    Can spoil the boons that lie before.
    Or turn from their benignant course
    The honors headed for your door.
    If you will smile!

    If you will face defeat and pain
    With wholesome look and winning smile,
    You'll conquer every foe, and gain
    A restful, peaceful afterwhile.
    If you will smile!

  2. It Is Your Choice
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    It is your choice
    you can smile or you can frown
    you can see the problem or you can look for the solution
    you can grumble and complain or you can take action
    you can see an issue or you can take the initiative
    you can be angry or you can practice forgiveness
    you can accept defeat or you can try again
    you can give up or you can have hope
    you can love or you can hate
    you can doubt or you can believe
    you can cry or you can laugh
    it is your choice how you will start your day!

  3. Three Rules
    Poet: Mary J. Hickey

    Three little rules we all should keep
    To make life happy and bright -
    Smile in the morning,
    Smile at noon -
    And keep on smiling at night.

  4. Weapons
    Poet: Charles Mackay

    Both swords and guns are strong, no doubt.
    And so are tongue and pen.
    And so are sheaves of good bank notes,
    To sway the souls of men.
    But guns and swords and piles of gold,
    Though mighty in their sphere,
    Are sometimes feebler than a smile,
    And poorer than a tear.

  5. Nothing Like A Smile
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    There is nothing like a smile to start your day right
    Be thankful first thing that you awoke from the night
    Smile in the mirror when you see that face you know
    By doing this you will find you have a glow.

    Those who get up complaining, full of frowns will find
    The day will be a long one, working like a grind
    Nothing will seem to go right
    Everything they do will be a fight.

    But those who start the day on a positive note
    Will face the day's challenges like being on a float
    They will smile at the little things, and see life as great
    There is nothing like a smile to keep your day straight.

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