A Smile Is Worth

Have you ever thought about what a smile is worth? Read these poems to give you thoughts on the answer to this question. Some say that your smile is worth a thousand words, some say it is worth a million dollars, others say that you cannot put a price tag on a smile.

Your words can never express the feeling of seeing a smile. And it doesn't matter what language you speak everyone understands a smile. So before you speak smile, your words will be more accepted!

It's Worth A Million Dollars, was written many years ago by Rolf Thelan but it still has application today. And it is one that is great to share with others to remind them smiles make life worthwhile!

We hope these poems are an encouragement for you to smile more realizing the value you are giving!

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  1. It's Worth A Million Dollars
    Poet: Rolf Thelan

    The thing that goes the farthest toward making life worth while,
    That costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile;
    The smile that bubbles from a heart that loves it fellow-men,
    Will drive away the clouds of gloom and coax the sun again.

    It's full of worth and goodness, too, with manly kindness blent;
    It's worth a million dollars, and it doesn't cost a cent.
    There is no room for sadness when we see a cheery smile,
    It always has the same good look; it's never out of style.

    It nerves us on to try again when failure makes us blue;
    The dimples of encouragement are good for me and you.
    It pays a higher interest, because it's merely lent;
    It's worth a million dollars, and it doesn't cost a cent.

    A smile comes very easy; you can wrinkle up with cheer
    A hundred times before you can squeeze out a gloomy tear;
    Its ripplings, moreover, to the true heart strings that tug
    Will always leave an echo that is very like a hug.

    So, smile away, folks understand what by a smile is meant;
    It's worth a million dollars, and it doesn't cost a cent.

  2. A smile is valuable. It's worth a million dollars, but it cannot be bought!

  3. A Smile
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    A smile is worth more than you can imagine
    To the person who is feeling down and out
    To the child who is feeling all alone
    To the homeless who have lost all hope.

    Can you put a price on a smile?
    Could you put a price on love?
    Or, how about a price on friendship?
    All these things are priceless.

    Never underestimate the power of a smile
    Never underestimate the feeling a smile gives
    Never underestimate the welcome of a smile
    And, never underestimate the worth of your smile!

  4. you can't buy a smile, but you can give it freely

  5. A Smiling Face
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2021

    I feel welcome when I see you
    I feel accepted when I see you
    I don't feel so alone when I see you
    You are a smiling face

    I feel the encouragement
    I feel the hope
    I feel the support
    You are a smiling face

    There is no money that could buy you
    There is no treasure I could trade for you
    There is no power that can force you
    You are a smiling face

  6. Face This Sad World With A Smile
    Poet: J. W. Byers

    This world is made up of much sorrow;
    Each heart has its share all the while;
    But I've learned not to murmur, but rather
    Face the world with a bright, happy smile.

    We all have our trials surrounding;
    Let us comfort each other the while;
    With our hearts clean and pure with salvation,
    Let us face this sad world with a smile

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