The Value Of A Smile

Who can tell the value of a smile? Perhaps the person receiving it! And, perhaps the person giving it!

There is so much value in a smile, and it costs us nothing to give, but it is so valuable. Let the verses in this poem and our collection of quotes about the value of a smile remind you that some things are worth more than money can buy.

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  1. Who Can Tell The Value
    Poet: James Conway Jackson

    Who can tell the value of a bright and sunny smile?
    A smile of cheerful fellowship, without deceit or gulle;
    A smile of kindly welcome or pure untrammeled love
    Lifts hearts that are bowed in sorrow to sublime heights above.

    Who can tell the value of a real, sweet friendly smile?
    A smile that makes you happy and makes life seem worth while.
    There's many a soul that's straying and there's many a soul that's lost.
    When just one smile might save them, and oh, so small the cost!

    We can tell the value of a smile by whom 'tis given;
    It makes us suffer torments or lifts our souls to heaven.
    So let us keep on smiling bright and cheerful while we live,
    For the world will be made happier by each bright smile that we give.

  2. for the world will be made happier by each bright smile that we give

  3. Give Sunshine
    Poet: Bessie L. Bennett

    Give sunshine, give this lonely world a smile;
    We stay at longest but a little while.
    Be sweet and tender, this is doing good;
    'Tis doing what no other good deed could
    Hasten we must or we shall lose the chance
    To give the gentle word, the kindly glance.

  4. It takes a lot of energy to be negative. You have to work at it. But smiling is painless. I'd rather spend my energy smiling. Eric Davis

  5. Make Someone's Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    A smile cost nothing
    But comfort it can bring
    Give your smile freely away
    A smile can make someone's day.

    You can never put a value
    And you can never make one blue
    When you give away a smile away
    Kindness your face displays.

    So share your smiles throughout the day
    Look for opportunities to give one away
    Such a very small thing to do
    Worth more than money, that is true!

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