As I Go On My Way

Each day of our lives, we impact others in ways we may not even realize. This poem, As I Go On My Way, by Strickland Gillilan, expresses wisdom about living life and how you act. Let these verses be a reminder that each and every day what you do matters no only in your life but in the lives of others. What we say, what we do, or what we don't do all have an impact on those around us whether that be in our families, on the way to work, or in the work environment. These behaviors, positive or negative, no matter how big or small all add up to the indelible mark we leave each day.

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a poem about helping others by Strickland  Gillilan

As I Go On My Way
by Strickland Gillilan

My life shall touch a dozen lives before this day is done
Leave countless marks for good or ill ere sets this evening sun.
Shall fair or foul its imprint prove, on those my life shall hail?
Shall blessing my impress be, or shall a blight prevail?

When to the last great reckoning the lives I meet must go,
Shall this ever, fleeting touch of mine have added joy or woe?
Shall He who looks their records o’er - of name and time and place
Say ‘Here a blessed influence came’ or ‘Here is evil’s trace’?

From out each point of contact of my life with other lives
Flows ever that which helps the one who for the summit strives,
The troubled souls encountered - does it sweeten with its touch,
Or does it more embitter those embittered overmuch?

Does love in every handclasp flow in sympathy’s caress?
Do those that I have greeted know a newborn hopefulness?
Are tolerance and charity the keynote of my song
As I go plodding onward with earth’s eager, anxious throng?

My life shall touch a million lives in some way ere I go
From this dear world of struggle to the land I do not know.
So this the wish I always wish, the prayer I ever pray:
Let my life help the other lives it touches by the way.

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Quotes from the poem, As I Go On My Way:

"My life shall touch a dozen lives before this day is done - leave countless marks for good or ill ere sets this evening sun."
Strickland Gillilan
Countless people from all walks of life are affected by our actions. There is very little that our behaviour throughout each day does not impact. Some of what we do may positively affect someone even though we may not fully realize it. Take, for example, a simple smile or recognition to a street beggar as you pass them by on your way to work. So often street beggars or street people are totally ignored as if they were no more than garbage strewn upon the street. And, it is not the case that you may have refused to give them a coin or two; what is more devastating is that you have passed another human being without even the faintest recognition that they are alive.

"Do those that I have greeted know a newborn hopefulness?"
Strickland Gillilan
Such a small act a smile can mean. Have you ever encountered a supervisor or boss who scowls from the time they arrive at work to the very end of the day? This same boss or manager never smiles especially a smile given to you. And, worst of all, never a warm greeting but only a scowl or words of reprimand. Further, even if that same boss would only extend a warm greeting at the start of the day would make any later scorn seem just a little more bearable. Is it not true that experiencing negativity in the workplace only makes the day drag on so that the arrival of the time to leave is celebrated with final glee? Gestures, big and small, glad or sad, or torment given all contribute to the lack of hopelessness that abounds. How much more delightful is the environment that demonstrated recognition, hopefulness, the vision of better days than words of anguish or scorn.

"So this the wish I always wish, the prayer I ever pray: let my life help the other lives it touches by the way."
Strickland Gillilan
Oh, of countless joy I make when I serve to forsake those arrows of despair to make another's day of delight. It serves no purpose to waste a day without laughter, a smile to everyone you meet, a warm embrace, or a gentle encouragement. It is not a mountain o climb; it takes no such effort to help others even in many little ways. It is a kindness rendered, a voice of gentle persuasion amidst the clamor of trials, the sweetest smile so easily given as the day begins that transcends the challenges of the day. Pray that we all do better - it is easily done!

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