The Greatest Gift

An inspiring poem by Strickland Gillilan reminding us that kindness spreads love and hope. When we help others by offering kindness it may have more impact than we may realize as it encourages hope and love. A small act of kindness on our part may have a tremendous impact on the lives of others.

The Greatest Gift
by Strickland Gillilan

It wasn't the money you gave the chap
When you found him down and out
'Twas the faith you restored when you bettered his hap
That had filled him with bitter doubt.

It wasn't the food that your money bought,
Or the clothes he had needed so,
But the spirit change that your kindness wrought
When you set hope's lamp aglow.

It isn't the human of blood and bone
Served most when you heed love's call
'Tis a human heart just like your own;
It hungers most of all.

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