The Greatest Gift

Inspiring poems by Strickland Gillilan reminding us that kindness spreads love and hope. When we help others by offering kindness it may have more impact than we may realize as it encourages hope and love. A small act of kindness on our part may have a tremendous impact on the lives of others.

Strickland Gillian has a way with words. He expresses thoughts in his poetry to make us think and at times may convince us to look at something in a different way!

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  1. The Greatest Gift
    by Strickland Gillilan

    It wasn't the money you gave the chap
    When you found him down and out
    'Twas the faith you restored when you bettered his hap
    That had filled him with bitter doubt.

    It wasn't the food that your money bought,
    Or the clothes he had needed so,
    But the spirit change that your kindness wrought
    When you set hope's lamp aglow.

    It isn't the human of blood and bone
    Served most when you heed love's call
    'Tis a human heart just like your own;
    It hungers most of all.

  2. The Real Helper
    by Strickland Gillilan

    He who lends me worldly wealth;
    He who saves my body's health;
    He who, when he finds me sad,
    Smiles and speaks and leaves me glad -
    All of these my helpers be;
    Lacking one, my life should pall.
    But who dreams my dreams with me
    Serves me best of all.

    He who slips an arm around
    When life's skies on me have frowned;
    He who trusts me when no other
    In the wide world calls me brother -
    Blest am I when these rare beams
    Of God's sunshine on me fall.
    Yet who helps me dream my dreams
    Blesses most of all.

    Never questions he my dream;
    Never asks: "But do you deem
    There's the light of reason in it?
    Is there any chance to win it?"
    Having only eyes to see
    My cloud-castle fair and tall —
    He who dreams my dreams with me
    Helps me most of all.

  3. This Day
    by Strickland Gillilan

    This is bound to be well, say!
    One humdinger of a day!
    It may rain, but what's the diff?
    What would happen to us if
    It should fail to rain and then
    Clear up, cloud and rain again?
    Whatsoe'er the weather be,
    This will prove, for you and me
    (As I started out to say),
    One nailer of a day.

    Ere the night comes you will get
    Hungry, and some meals, I'll bet;
    You'll be thirsty, so I think,
    And relieve that thirst with drink;
    You will have a chance to do
    Favors for some one whom you
    Long have known and owed a kindness;
    You are free from deafness, blindness,
    Or, if not, you feel! Oh, say!
    This will be a corking day.

    What I mean to say is this:
    Every day has some of bliss.
    Just endure with patient smile
    Things that hurt. For after while
    There will come the happiness
    That shall lighten your distress
    Lighten it? Nay, 'twill destroy it.
    Life will change and you'll enjoy it.
    Every morning, just you say:
    "This will be one bully day!"

  4. Gift of Joy
    Poet: F. W. Faber

    There are souls in the world who have the
    gift of finding joy everywhere
    and of leaving it behind them when they go.

    Joy gushes under their fingers like jets of light.
    Their influence is an inevitable gladdening of the heart.

    It seems as if a shadow of God's own gift
    had passed upon them.
    They give light without meaning to shine.

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