The Keenest Pleasure

Strickland Gillilan reminds us in his poem, The Keenest Pleasure, about the joy of seeing others succeed. While we are always pleased when we ourselves succeed, there is a great pleasure to be had when others find success. Celebrating other's successes helps us move forward also!

Plus find another of Strickland's poems, The Only Way Out Is Through. This poem reveals a key to success that we all need to adhere to if we want to accomplish our goals. When you stop and look at successful people you will find that they all use this key in achieving success!

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The Keenest Pleasure
by Strickland Gillilan

We are so built, we human things,
That we may touch joy's deepest springs
Now and again. We should be glad
That real pleasure may be had
From our accomplishment of what
Our brains conceived, our two hands wrought
But still the finest joy, indeed,
Is seeing some one else succeed.

'Tis only now and then that we
Can bring the longed-for thing to be
That we ourselves had planned and dreamed,
That we had plotted for and schemed.
So if our only triumphs come
When we have crowned with doing, some
Of our own plans, we miss a lot
Of earthly joy we might have got!

For all the time some one's succeeding
In some great thing that had been breeding
In mind and soul of him; and so
A sympathetic joy we know
When he brings triumph out of chaos
And with his vict'ry song would stay us.
This makes of earth a Neighborhood
Our joy when some one else makes good.

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And speaking of success, you may want to read Strickland's poem on how to achieve success - it holds a critical key to success!

The Only Way Out Is Through
by Strickland Gillilan

The only way out of a job Bill knew
Was through!
He never once thought of going around
Or tunneling under it, into the ground,
Or turning back - none of these would do.
"The only way out of a job is through,"
Said Bill; and - well, he proved that he knew.

"Let's build a derrick and go overhead,"
One said.
"The job is wrongly shoved on us
It rightly belongs to the other cuss.
Let's slide right by and leave it flat."
But Bill with a grin said "None of that!
It isn't ray job by rights, 'tis true.
But the surest way out of a job is through" -
Whatever they put on Bill, he'd do.

Bill learned a lot that none other knew,
Going through.
Jobs hunted Bill up and got in his way
Till it even affected the poor boy's pay!
And the others said: "Just watch that duck -
Some stupid fellows have all the luck!"
But luck had never a thing to do
With Bill's success, for the head guys knew
Bill's only way out of a stint was through.

Now they call him "Boss," those others do;
And you,
If you for your motto will take old Bill's
And use your several brains and wills
And look less oft at the office clock,
Will soon have boosted your personal stock
Till the "luck" of Bill may be your "luck" too.
Remember his came because he knew
"The best way out of a task is through."

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