A Middle-Age Reflection

If you are middle-age then this poem by Strickland Gillilan will bring a smile to your face. It is a reflection that we can all relate to as we grow older. Enjoy the reflection in these verses full of truth and humor. You may also be inspired by these Middle Age Poems.

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A Middle-Age Reflection
Poet: Strickland Gillilan

I saw a chap the other day that once I'd used to know.
His cheeks were rosy, hair jet black, in days of long ago.
But now the roses are not there, the raven hair is streaked
With snowy white where ruthless Time his grim revenge has wreaked.
I marveled. For the heart of me is young as when I knew
The fellow years and years ago 'neath skies of youth's own blue.
And then I chanced to recollect, and heard my own voice say:
"What has been happening to me, while he was turning gray?"

Day after day I'd seen myself reflected in the glass
The change had been so gradual my eyes had let it pass
Unnoticed. Had I failed to see myself for such a span
As had elapsed since I had met this other aging man,
No doubt the contrast would have been as great. I had been used
To thinking of myself as still with wine of youth infused.

Perhaps the same was in his mind when we two met that day:
"What has been happening to me while he was turning gray?"
But young at heart God keep us that ! Let care be laughed to scorn.
Let's keep our backs to eventide and always face the morn.
Let's keep the ripeness of our noon to guide the girls and boys
Whose youth is callower than ours and lacking deeper joys.
The snow of age may dust our hair, it can not reach within.
We'll teach those careworn youths of ours to bear their griefs and grin
Go to the one whose empty life has palled on him, and say:
"A wiser youth has come to me while you were turning gray!"

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One last reflection for middle age:

A natural time for reflection on our lives is when we middle age. Here are some key areas to consider reflecting on during this life stage:

1. Life Goals and Priorities: Middle age often brings a sense of clarity about what truly matters in life. What are your life goals, are there new aspirations you'd should consider.

2. Health and Well-being: Take stock of your physical and mental health. Are there changes you need to make?

3. Relationships: Reflect on your relationships with family, friends, and your significant other. Middle age is an excellent time to continue to grow meaningful relationships.

4. Financial Planning: Review your financial situation and long-term financial goals. Adjust your financial plan if necessary to secure your financial well-being.

5. Career and Personal Growth: Assess your career satisfaction and personal development.

6. Legacy and Contribution: Think about the legacy you want to leave behind. What do you want people to remember about you.

7. Mental and Emotional Health: Pay attention to your mental and emotional well-being.

8. Bucket List: Create a bucket list of experiences or goals you'd like to achieve in the coming years. Middle age doesn't mean you stop pursuing dreams; it can be a time to check off items on your list.

9. Gratitude: Practice gratitude for the experiences and lessons learned throughout your life. Focus on the positive aspects of getting old.

10. Self-Care: Prioritize self-care and stress management. As responsibilities often continue to grow in middle age, it's essential to take time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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