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Something Sweet To Remember

No matter what we are facing we have our memories to give us positive thoughts to focus on. Strickland Gillilan expresses this in this poem and is a reminder to keep our attitude positive no matter what we are facing.

Something Sweet To Remember
by Strickland Gillilan

No matter if things of the present are less than we wish them to be;
No matter if joys we'd expected pass by on the other side;
No matter if hope's finest fruitage still clings to the wishing tree,
No matter if some of our dreamings have lingered awhile and died.
Even lacking these satisfactions, life is far from a pleasureless thing

If we've something that's sweet to remember, we can bravely and blithesomely sing.
There was once howe'er joyless your present when you thrilled with the love of life;
You have lived through some perfect moments when your darlingest wish was fulfilled;
There have been little seasons of triumph, when your banner rode over the strife,
When, just as if Fate were your servant, things came as you'd stubbornly willed.

So now, though your colors be trailing, though some other's joy-flag is afling,
If you've something that's sweet to remember, you may live in that mem'ry, and sing!

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