Don't Let People Bring You Down

Don't let people bring you down, don't let negative outlooks from others ruin your day. There are many people who are anything but positive. How do you overcome this? Read these poems for thoughts on how to overcome the influence of negative people.

People all around us influence our day. But, the good news is we have a choice whether we ourselves remain positive or negative. For a successful and happier life being positive is always better. Never be influenced by negativity. Find the good in every situation!

When you look at the life of a person who sees the negative the majority of the time, you will find a life filled with unhappiness and discontent. Whereas positive people look for the good in life, they find it each and every day. They are happier and more content! Which would you rather be?

Krista Regedanz in her book, 5 Ways to Combat Job Burnout, writes "If your morning drive to the office finds you discouraged by listening to negative morning news, consider creating a new environment by listening to your favorite music or to inspirational talks." And one of our favorite thoughts is from Theodore W. Higginsworth, who said, "Be the person who is positive and allows others to shine Stay clear of the people who habitually whine!"

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  1. Don't Let People
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    Our lives are full of negative thoughts,
    Not just from you or me.
    But many people around us,
    I’m sure you will agree.

    That man at the grocery store,
    Who doesn’t like his job,
    That lady down the street from us,
    Who acts just like a snob.

    Your relative who calls you every day,
    With nothing but complaints.
    The driver in the car in front,
    Who drives nothing like a saint.

    There are lots of people here and there,
    That let off a negative vibe.
    Keep them far from your good vibes,
    That is what I would prescribe.

    Surround yourself with positivity,
    In what you do each day.
    And soon you see the strength you have,
    To keep negativity away.

  2. surround yourself with positivity, in what you do each day
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  3. Words of Wisdom
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Hear my words of wisdom, listen close and true
    Focus on the positive for it will carry you.
    Let not outside people cause your attitude to fall
    For life is what you make of it, it is not up to all.

    The power lies within you to wear your daily smile
    Despite the negative that comes, still focus on the good a while.
    Though petty jabs and taunts may come, they are never true
    Stand in resilient joy, let nothing bring you down or rue.

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  5. No More Unhappy People
    by Catherine Pulsifer, 2015

    There are many people in life,
    That try and bring you down.
    These people are very selfish,
    And enjoy making you frown.

    And then there are others,
    Who don't even see what they do.
    They unintentionally do certain things,
    That has an effect on you.

    The problem with all these people,
    Is its the same every time.
    You feel yourself getting madder,
    And forget they're not worth a dime.

    Why do we let them do this,
    Every time they are around.
    We need to start remembering,
    That it's our choice to put on the frown.

    And more importantly, there are others,
    Who are kind and sweet and smart.
    These are the people we should be around,
    It's time to make a new start.

    Let's stop letting certain people,
    Get the best of who we are.
    They don't deserve our feelings,
    Our tears or words by far.

    We don't need them in our lives,
    But if they have to be.
    I'll hold my head up high,
    And not let them get to me.

    We will focus on the good,
    And all the loving people.
    It's time we honor those,
    And life will be more peaceful!

  6. you cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people joel osteen
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  7. Positive
    by Andrii Sedniev

    Positive people have
    Positive expectations in their lives
    And most of their days are successful.

    Negative people have
    Negative expectations in their lives
    And most of their days are unsuccessful.

  8. When The Whole World Is Wrong
    Poet: Ted Hart

    There are days when we feel that the whole world is wrong,
    That living is vain and empty of song.
    There are moments in life that seem dull and gray;
    The clouds are o'erhanging, the sun's gone away.

    There are hearts that are weary and freighted with pain;
    The load seems so heavy, the road is not plain.
    Each bundle of nerves feels the weight of the tread;
    All burdens thus borne lie heavy as lead.

    We wake in the morning with feeble resolve;
    Incentive is lame - no wish to evolve!
    The doctor comes in and leaves his advice;
    The pills from the drugshop are used once or twice.

    A cold in the chest, a pain in the eye -
    They cling with a fervor - we're ready to die!
    We feel that the game is a hard one to play,
    With one constant longing to turn night to day.

    And when the day comes, we're fully bent
    On howling and growling o'er the money that's spent!
    We whine and we pine when our health is secure;
    We ponder and wonder how long we'll endure!

    If vision were brighter and hearts could feel lighter -
    When things are awry, distorted, and tighter
    Than money in markets when panic prevails.
    How little we'd feel of our oft-seeming ails!

    We live but a while, and we might as well smile,
    If up on the heights or down amid trial.
    Our days will be long, our hearts will be strong,
    E'en though for a moment the whole world is wrong!

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  10. Choice Is Yours
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Other people will influence you
    It may change what you say and do.
    And others may love you so
    Around them, you are never low.

    Other people help you out
    And take away your doubt.
    And you will find those who teach
    And help put our goals within our reach.

    But, then there are those who bring us down
    Around them, you feel like you could drown
    Those who criticize and complain about you
    Can make you feel oh, so blue.

    Surround yourself with those who uplift
    And you will find your attitude will shift
    Encouragement and support you will find
    Surround yourself with this kind!

    Life is too short to feel down
    Fill your life with smiles, not frowns.
    The people that you surround yourself with
    Can be a downer or a gift.

    The choice is yours to make
    What is important is to realize what is at stake.
    Happiness and contentment can be found
    By the people in life you surround.

  11. Don't Be Defeated By Others
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Don't be defeated by what others think
    You know your goals and your plan
    With the action you take, you will not sink.
    Keep your attitude on "I Can."

    Sometimes jealousy you will find
    What you have, people wish for
    But don't let that put you in a bind
    And don't let that make you feel sore.

    Stay focused on your goals
    Taking action each day
    Feel sorry for those poor souls
    Don't let others move you sideways.

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We hope these poems remind you that you control how you feel. Don't let other people control your feelings, do your best and have confidence in yourself.

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