Hopes Of Joy

How we treat other people will determine our friendships. Let the words of the poet, J.J. Thorne inspire you to love each other and by doing this we will see friendships evolve.

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Hopes Of Joy
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Love, friendship and devotion.
Ought to be our song;
In our hearts he placed a conscience,
To teach us right from wrong

By the dictates of our conscience,
We should, live and stand;
So far as earthly things concern,
It is the only truth of man.

Let our conscience be our guide,
Through reason and love to adore:
For we have no other aid,
Until we are given more.

Let us treat each other right,
And live upright, honest and fair;
When friendship is exercised,
It places happiness there.

Let our lives be submissive,
Sin and evil be above,
The sweetest thing there is on earth
Is contentment, peace and love.

Peace and harmony is the river,
That honesty and love ascends,
If we paddle our boat upon its waters
We will have a plenty of friends.

Reason and sympathy make friendship,
With strangers that are miles apart,
When they met on earth in harmony,
And show an honest heart.

If our friends stoop below us,
And in sin they go astray,
From the dictates of our heart
Tell to them the right way.

Some will curse others for their wrongs
As if their hearts were pure as flowers.
Before we blame other people,
Let us think of ours.

Some will abuse others for their faults,
And through estimation try to hem.
When they sum up their own respect,
Then their sympathy will be for them

If a person talks about you,
Pass it by and let it go,
If your life is moral and good
It will prove to not be so.

Let our lives be calm and docile,
And place evil on the left,
The bravest hero is the man,
Who tries to conquer himself.

If on our journey we meet a tramp,
Let our love and hope impart,
For beneath those tatered garments
There may be an honest heart.

There are many people degraded in life
And through their style we cannot see,
But we do not know their sentiments,
And what their troubles may be.

Let us all love each other,
Regardless of riches, chances or features,
Keep peace and harmony in our hearts,
As humble human creatures.

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You may also identify with the following poem by J. J. Thorne:

Purity Of The Heart
Poet: J.J. Thorne

A tender heart possesses love
And often sinks in vain
By other harsh and forsaken deeds,
It often beats in pain.

A benevolent heart is filled with love,
By nature it is refined,
It blots out the faults of one and all,
Peace and good will to mankind.

A tranquil heart thanks with love
For each meal its daily bread,
In peace with man and thanks to God
For the blessings he hath spread.

A docile heart is sheathed with love.
With a spirit bright and fair,
Harmless as the ancient dove,
That placed the olive in Noah's care.

A warm heart kindles a love,
And lights a home of joy and rest
Greets and welcomes to its home,
With a warm and tender breast.

A prudent heart prevails love.
All its days on earth.
Though reason and wisdom clear of scorn,
A blessing- from its birth.

A cautious heart protects with love
Through thought and care in wisdom's arm.
Embraced by caution, the father of safety,
That keeps it from all harm.

A conjugal heart cleaves with love,
A true and honest heart,
In the holy bonds of matrimony,
Until death departs.

A loving heart is all of love,
To the soul it is sweet and fresh,
If we have a loving heart,
We have all love of human flesh.

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