Give A Helping Hand

A Christian poem reminding us that God gave us a helping hand and we should always be willing to help others.

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Give A Helping Hand
Poet: J.J. Thorne

The grandest deeds in our power.
Among the human band:
Forgive love and respect all.
And give a helping hand.

To cleanse our hearts of malice and hatred,
This we might and can;
And place therein a nearer feeling,
And give a helping hand.

Blessed is the name of charity,
Ancient, old and grand:
Warm, kind and sympathizing,
And gives a helping hand.

Our days on earth are but few ,
Our stay is short on land;
God loveth a cheerful giver,
And gives a helping hand.

To the heart of love and eye of wisdom,
Good is the benevolent man;
He blots out the faults of his neighbor.
And gives a helping hand.

Of all honor and duties of life.
That we make, bestow or plan;
One of the greatest of life perfections,
Is a helping hand.

If by friendship we are fraternal.
And in unity desire to stand;
Our hearts will avail itself eternal,
And give a helping hand.

Our Savior taught kindness and charity,
The Bible proves it a pious strand;
God gave his son to die for us,
It was love and a helping hand.

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