Try, Try Again, J.J. Thorne Poems

Try, Try Again

We sometimes give up too easily on life issues. Let this poem give you words to reflect upon and encourage you to yet try again.

Try, Try Again
Poet: J.J. Thorne

The task may seem hard and difficult,
Doubts and fears may encumber the brain;
But resolution is half of the battle.
Try, try again.

Industry promises to old age,
A help as a crutch or cane;
If you stumble and loose footholt,
Try, try again.

Though your life be a terror,
And all constructions you have lain;
Fall a victim to despair,
Try, try again.

Conscience will help to smooth rough ways,
It is to duty a dressing pane;
If you have slubbered and run over life,
Try, try again.

Plod your way through the world.
Seek best methods to ordain;
Toil to prune the rose of perfection.
Try, try again.

Passions and temptations gears and hooks up,
Satan drives and holds the rein;
Ask of conscience the way to get loose,
Try, try again.

Conscience will give a true verdict,
Protest for right and wrong disdain;
And fill our hearts with gratitude.
Try, try again.

The good that others can do,
To live in harmony and leave no stain;
Why through love may not you —
Try. try again.

There is a place of paradise.
No sickness, sorrow, trouble or pain;
God will bless that ask advice.
Try, try again.

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