Never Say I Can't

As soon as you think, or, as soon as you say, I Can't you are defeated. This poem by J. J. Thorne is one that drives home the point and reminds us to never say I can't! He talks about the seeds we sow - if we sow with perseverance and determination, finding a way to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way we will achieve our goals. Share this inspiring poem with others to give them encouragement!

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Never Say I Can't
Poet: J.J. Thorne

A sluggard's plea is no excuse.
It is inferior to the little ant;
Busy as a bee, industrious is he,
That never says I can't.

Industry is the bloom of life,
Through honor it shares to grant,
Man becomes a slothful sluggard.
When he says I can't.

The seed of sorrow we often sow,
Which grows to be a dwarfish plant;
To weed and reap a successful row,
We must not say I can't.

The row becomes foul with grass,
The sluggard grows and pants;
He reaps no harvest at all alas,
When he says I can't.

Perseverance accomplishes much,
Patience rolls obstacles down the slant;
When combined generally triumphs,
The victim is I can't.

The energy of life prudently guided,
And supervised observant,
Will square the log of honor,
The knots need not say it can't.

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Conscious Labor
Poet: J.J. Thorne

In our breast we have a conscience,
Given from a righteous hand;
It approves the right and condemns.
The evils and wrongs of man.

Our science was given us,
Through a holy plan;
To speak the truth, live the truth,
A moral guide for man.

The dictates ot a clear conscience.
Joins as an honest band
Believe our conscience to be true,
Regardless of any man.

If we are led by our conscience,
We will do the best we can;
Put our hope and trust in God,
And never trust in man.

If all would abide by their conscience
It would make a happy band,
Peace and good will in our homes.
Freedom and liberty to every man.

All that lies in our knowledge.
Our conscience is our only plan.
If our conscience make our paths.
In peace we will travel with man.

Our conscience would join our heart?
With a filial strand;
If we would live by our conscience.
The only truth of man.

Our conscience is all we know.
Of the right way to stand,
Divine knowledge is unknown:
'Till God gives it to man

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