Never Say I Can't

As soon as you think, or, as soon as you say, I Can't you are defeated. This poem by J. J. Thorne is one that drives home the point and reminds us to never say I can't!

Never Say I Can't
Poet: J.J. Thorne

A sluggard's plea is no excuse.
It is inferior to the little ant;
Busy as a bee, industrious is he,
That never says I can't.

Industry is the bloom of life,
Through honor it shares to grant,
Man becomes a slothful sluggard.
When he says I can't.

The seed of sorrow we often sow,
Which grows to be a dwarfish plant;
To weed and reap a successful row,
We must not say I can't.

The row becomes foul with grass,
The sluggard grows and pants;
He reaps no harvest at all alas,
When he says I can't.

Perseverance accomplishes much,
Patience rolls obstacles down the slant;
When combined generally triumphs,
The victim is I can't.

The energy of life prudently guided,
And supervised observant,
Will square the log of honor,
The knots need not say it can't.

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