Answered Prayers

A poem that holds so much truth and one that we can all relate to. How many times have we prayed for something only to find out it is not the best thing for us. What brings us peace and contentment is not wealth, or fame, even though at times we feel it would solve many of our problems. If we don't have peace of mind we have nothing.

Then there are times when we pray and we can't understand why our prayers are not answered. However, we must learn to trust God as He knows what is best. Many times in life, when we look back, we can then see what we prayed for would have been a disaster if it had happened.

Pray for wisdom and peace of mind and you will find everything else will fall in line in your life. Be inspired by this poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

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Answered Prayers
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I prayed for riches, and achieved success;
All that I touched turned into gold. Alas!
My cares were greater and my peace was less,
When that wish came to pass.

I prayed for glory, and I heard my name
Sung by sweet children and by hoary men.
But ah ! the hurts — the hurts that come with fame!
I was not happy then.

I prayed for Love, and had my heart's desire.
Through quivering heart and body, and through brain
There swept the flame of its devouring fire,
And but the scars remain.

I prayed for a contented mind. At length
Great light upon my darkened spirit burst.
Great peace fell on me also, and great strength —
Oh, had that prayer been first I

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