Show Me The Way

Ella Wilcox captures many of life's issues, concerns, problems and woes. But, this is not a poem of doom and gloom. Instead, Wilcox's poetic words strongly convey that a peaceful and more tranquil way of life is within our grasp.

This is not a poem that suggests lofty ideals or processes that are only available to the few. Ella outlines what it means to rise above whatever blues and woes are cast our way. What Wilcox describes are not high and lofty strategies but are methods and thoughts and prayers that help all of us climb higher and further through the vagaries of this worldly realm. It is not that problems, potholes, difficulties, disasters only befall just a few people.

Every person, at some time or another, will experience issues and concerns that may at first seem overwhelming. But, there is always the appeal through prayer for Godly assistance to slowly rise from the seemingly bottomless pit to the highest peaks of success.

Unfortunately, there are those types of people who will never be able to see beyond the problem or concern that they face. To these folks, hardship and difficulty always seem to rule the day. With this kind of outlook in life, these types of people will forever find nothing but problems for they become stuck in a never cycle of doom; stuck within the current problem without the opportunity or idea that there is a way out. For every concern in life, there is a way. Sometimes that way out is not one of human ingenuity, or one's personal strength, or the assistance of another person. Instead, a person can appeal to the Almighty God to show you the way that one is unable to master on their own.

An inspiring prayer asking for direction in life. Show me the way to true life, a calm and peaceful life no matter what challenges are faced. A short prayer by Ella Wheeler Wilcox asking for the way to go no matter what challenges or upset she experiences during her journey of life.

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Show Me The Way
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Show me the way that leads to the true life.
I do not care what tempests may assail me,
I shall be given courage for the strife,
I know my strength will not desert or fail me;
I know that I shall conquer in the fray:
Show me the way.

Show me the way up to a higher plane,
Where body shall be servant to the soul.
I do not care what tides of woe, or pain,
Across my life their angry waves may roll
If I but reach the end I seek some day:
Show me the way.

Show me the way, and let me bravely climb
Above vain grievings for unworthy treasures;
Above all sorrow that finds balm in time —
Above small triumphs, or belittling pleasures;
Up to those heights where these things seem child's play:
Show me the way.

Show me the way to that calm, perfect peace
Which springs from an inward consciousness of right;
To where all conflicts with the flesh shall cease,
And self shall radiate with the spirit's light.
Though hard the journey and the strife, I pray
Show me the way.

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Prayer is a powerful thing, and Ella's pray to God about finding peace and contentment even when experiencing difficult times is a prayer that we could all pray.

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