Press On!

A Christian poem that will encourage you to press on when face with challenges and adversity. Lillian E. Curtis describes how we all face trials and adversity, but she encourages us not to give up as the reward is great!

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Press On!
Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

Press on! press on! though trials assail,
Countenance never a word like fail,
Press on! press on! with courage three-fold,
When Fortune frowns and Fate looks cold,
Though darkness appears to obscure all the light,
Look straight toward the temples of Truth and Right;
Press on! with firm will and motives true,
For there's many a prayer ascends for you;
Press on! with a will totally undaunted.
The prize you seek shall sometime be granted;
Press on! most noble, self-sacrificing soul,
You shall surely win that coveted goal;
Press on! press on! nor let anything daunt,
Not the scornful laugh, nor the jeer, nor the taunt,
Be inspired! for round that heavenly seat
Hath been said shall the "pure in heart " together meet.

Press on! mid Prosperity's smile or Adversity's fall.
Remembering there's One who careth for all,
One who our footsteps ever will guide,
Then press on, and turn not aside;
Storms may rise, temptations come fiercer and stronger,
Press on! press on! enduring yet longer.
Words of cruel contempt and malignant scorn
May deftly o'er your innocent head be borne.
From lips that no divine praises share,
Lips that discard sacred words of prayer,
Still, press on! to Distrust a total stranger.
He will lead you past every danger;
Press on! press on! at whatever cost,
Your patience and labor shall not be lost.
You shall meet your reward, if faithful you've stood,
When the Saviour pronounces, he "hath done what he could."

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