A famous poem to remind us that what we put off today will come back to haunt us tomorrow. Procrastination is the theme of this poem and the effects that procrastination can have in our lives is always negative. Lillian Curtis's poem is one that we can all relate to at one time or another!

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by Lillian E. Curtis

To-day we will banish all care,
And from our hearts all sorrow,
To-day we will rest and be gay,
And pay for it all to-morrow.

To morrow is to-day's advocate,
And he proves a faithful one,
For much is deferred till to-morrow,
That should to-day be done.

Think not of it to-day,
Why useless trouble borrow?
There's time enough to do it in,
We'll think of it to-morrow.

And the advocate still pleads,
And on he lures his victims thus,
Till we find alas "too late,"
That to-morrow has ruined us.

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Another  inspiring poems by Lillian Curtis to encourage you to use your time wisely, don't look to tomorrow to bring happiness,  find it in today. Some people live their whole life waiting for tomorrow when in fact before they know it their life is coming to an end and they never realized that thing that they hoped for. They kept thinking it  would happen tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes you can not go back! 

By And By
by Lillian E. Curtis

A little girl was saying impatiently,
What is the reason why
I never can do this or that?
I'll do it by and by.

A maiden fair looked from her window,
And gently heaved a sigh;
Ah! she murmured to herself,
I'll be happy by and by.

A young and lovely bride,
With joy and happiness high,
Murmured fondly to herself,
I'll be happier by and by.

A mother watched o er her first-born babe,
With loving, anxious eye,
And murmured fondly to herself,
I'll be so happy by and by.

An aged one sat by the hearth,
With silver locks and tear-dimmed eye,
And murmured sadly to herself,
Will I be happy by and by?

For four score years I've been preparing,
For something grand and high,
But never once thought to prepare
For the future by and by.

But now I am old and feeble,
The hand of death draws nigh;
Oh! that I had made ready,
For the future by and by.

Oh! that we who from day to day
Are aspiring to something high,
May bear in mind, and be prepared,
For the future by and by.

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