Do Not Grumble

We all face issues and challenging times in our lives. But, how do we handle them, do we look for the good or do we grumble. Is our attitude a positive one or are we negative? Let the verses in this poem by David V. Bush be ones that remind you to not grumble!

Do Not Grumble
by David V. Bush

Misfortune's bruised your brow again;
The clouds have poured their floods of rain;
The lightning from an angry sky
Has hit you hard as you passed by!
Your cup of sorrow's at the brim;
You're facing life with spirit grim;
O'er all resounds Misfortune's mumble,
Be glad for life and do not grumble!

The one you loved has found relief,
So that you sit alone in grief;
No friend can bring a ray of cheer,
You pine because "She is not here."
Your thirty years of joy and bloom
Lie still and pallid in the tomb;
Mourn not your lot, for all things crumble-
Be glad for love, and do not grumble!

The rains of spring have washed away
The grain you planted yesterday.
So that your ground must languish drear
And bare until another year!
Do not complain, for left to you
Are fertile fields and heavens blue;
What if your plans are all a- jumble?
Be glad for land, and do not grumble!

Suppose you've lost a hand or eye;
'Twill do no good to sit and cry,
For other souls have had like pains,
And through them all have found their gains.
Misfortunes come to train the mind,
To bear and struggle and be kind;
So though you oft may trip and tumble,
Be glad for feet, and do not grumble!

Suppose that wealth has taken flight
And each day aggravates your plight;
These trials hurt, we must admit.
But where is he who's ne'er been hit?
Life is not made of gems and gold.
You'll gain again if brave and bold.
If wealth has left you poor and humble.
Be glad 'twas yours, and do not grumble!

No man on earth has gone through life
Without some bruises in the strife;
Each in his day has made mistakes.
And in confusion nursed his aches.
No time on bygone errors spend —
The game is on; play to the end.
The baseball ace who ne'er could fumble
Is yet unborn — so do not grumble!

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