You'll Strike Your Stride

A poem of encouragement by David V. Bush that encourages us to keep going, not to give in. Don't quit the race, push through. If you are determined not to quit you will achieve your goal.

There are two ways you can take things in stride: one, by giving up, throwing in the towel, or, two, by pushing and taking action with determination. We hope this poem inspires you to keep moving forward, not discouraged by setbacks but making you more determined to achieve that goal you are working towards.

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You'll Strike Your Stride
by David V. Bush

All men, like horses, have a stride —
To find it, they have often sighed.
And feared themselves withheld by Fate,
From falling in their proper gait.
But many heroes, holding fast.
Have found the cherished gait at last;
So never quit the race, for you
Will strike your stride if you push through!

The stride we have, our running gait.
To some comes soon, to some comes late;
Nor should the one who lags behind
Despair that he the stride will find.
He has the power with pluck and grace
At length to win the toilsome race;
For in each one there rests the stride
That to the brave is ne'er denied.

If then your proper stride you seek
Curse not your fate in accents weak.
But be a man, and in the strife.
Plunge with the strength of all your life.
The man who has the nerve and grit
Will like the bulldog, never quit.
But win the race and pass the wire —
He's found his stride and cannot tire!

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Another poem of encouragement from David V. Bush that reminds us that even when faced with mistakes or failures we can learn from them.  If we learn and keep moving forward we will eventually reach our goal  as long as we don't focus on our misfortunes.

We Must Suffer If We Win
by David V. Bush

Each sad misfortune, mistake, pitfall -
Are lessons needed, one and all.
Man’s born in, travail, born in pain;
And men successful, never gain
Their power of strength to have and hold
Who’ve not been valiant, brave and bold;
Who have not suffered, bled and died
A thousand times - how oft they’ve tried!

So when you think you are all in,
Just grit your teeth and lift your chin,
And know this day of torture, friend,
Can never last - it too must end,
And just beyond in shining gold
You’ll be rewarded, many fold.

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