Which Side Of The Bed

We often hear people say, which side of the bed did you get up on? Or, they say did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Let this poem by David V. Bush remind you of the importance of facing each day with a smile and a positive outlook. Remember we all have a choice of how we view our day, of how we react to the situations around us. Let your attitude be one that no matter what side of the bed you got up on, or what challenges you face, be a positive one by focusing on the positive aspects of it. By doing this you will find your day will go much smoother and you won't have people asking you which side of the bed did you get up on! A cute poem, one that may make you smile, but a poem with wise words!

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Which Side Of The Bed?
by David V. Bush

Which side of the bed did you sleep in last night?
Which side did you get out this morning?
Is the face that you carry a dolorous sight,
Or is there a bright smile adorning?
You hardly need tell us which side that your head
Lay through the long night hours a-dreaming,
For with ease we can see what you leave all unsaid —
Your looks — be they sullen or beaming!

So when in the eve you make ready for sleep
With a vision or thought for the morrow,
See to it that brightness pervades what you keep,
And trouble be sure not to borrow;
And when in the morning around your bright room
You see the gay sunbeams beguiling,
Don't rise on the side that will drive you to gloom.
But the side that will turn you to smiling!

Don't go to your office with visage that shows
You slipped from the side that's for worry,
For every last soul of your office force knows
That a grouch should be ducked in a hurry;
They'll slight all their tasks to keep out of your way,
And be nervous at sight of your fretting;
And another will land the big deals of the day —
The orders you ought to be getting!

You cannot afford to climb out of your bed
In a way that will spoil time to follow,
For your rivals and foes are a long way from dead,
And your triumphs may turn out all hollow;
So climb to the floor on the side that is bright.
And if ever amiss you should tumble,
Never tell to a soul that you didn't rise right,
But work on with a smile — and don't grumble!

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