The Successful Man

What makes a man or woman successful? Read this poem by David V. Bush for the answer.

The Successful Man
by David V. Bush

Successful men are always kicked, they're kicked with envious wrath,
No matter what their line may be, on life's laborious path.
The man who wins is always kicked, they kick him black and blue;
He's thumped with "mud" and "rotten-egged"; gets number fourteen shoe.

Because he's always on the job; industrious at his work,
Because he plods and plugs away, while other men may shirk.
Because he puts more in his work and gets more in return;
And stirs things up and gets things done, he's kicked by those who yearn.

The men who set the world ahead are kicked in jealous spite!
They lift us to a higher plane, but feel green envy's blight;
No matter, sir, what lives they save, no matter what they give,
If they do more than other men, they're punctured like a sieve.

If you're not kicked, I wonder now if you have lost your hope?
Do you play fair and do your best, or sulk and grunt and mope?
If you*re not kicked, you won't rise far; so man get in the game.
And let them kick you all around — kick hard until they're lame.

So do your work and play your game — play fair and hard all day;
And let the townsmen wag their tongues, the gossips have their say,
And never mind their cutting ways, nor see that surly frown,
For in the end you'll beat them all — although you're oft kicked down!

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