It Cannot Be Done And They Know It

A true poem of encouragement offering thoughts on those who said it cannot be done but then people came along and did it. The poem gives us encouraging words to just do it, never mind what people say, or never mind if you fail. Pick yourself up and find a way.

People influence us in many ways. When someone says it can't be done it takes away our confidence, makes us to self doubt ourselves.

One example that the poem refers to being able to fly. Imagine when people talked about flying (something that today we cannot imagine not being able to do). The Wright brothers were mocked and made fun of. Impossible, so many people said. But yet, they plowed ahead and achieved their goals. And fly they did!

So as you read this poem be reminded that fear can paralyze you, people's comments can make you doubt yourself, but, if you stick to it, be determined you may achieve your goals. Be willing to take a risk, be willing to try new things, to think outside the box and you will find you will start moving towards the achievement of your goals.

And what if it has never been done before? Should that stop you? For sure, others may say to you it has never been done before, it can't be done. As a line in the verse states, "Push on, friend, and blaze your way to it."

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It Cannot Be Done And They Know It
by David V. Bush

From the days of creation, it's been just the same,
And it will be to judgment day.
They tell you, each one, that it cannot be done;
At least not in this or that way!

Every time this old world has been boosted ahead: -
"That cannot be done," and they knew it.
They left him alone to hold fast to his own,
To cling to his own and to do it.

''You'll never do that; it cannot be done."
It could not be done and they knew it.
'Mid their dolorous song he just trotted along -
Just trotted along bound to do it!

"We never can fly," that's what they all said;
We never could fly and they knew it;
Yet ignoring them there, paying scoffs with a prayer -
They just smiled, and went forward to do it.

"You'll never succeed, or at least in that way;
We know that you surely will rue it;"
But while they shouted nay, every night, every day,
He went right on determined to do it.

"Oh, do not risk that, for you'll never succeed;
Every cent that you own you'll lose through it."
But while other folks blame, and in horror exclaim,
Someone soon will bob up and just do it.

So you be the first struggler to shoulder your load;
Push on, friend, and blaze your way to it.
And while they sit near, paralyzed by their fear,
Just go to it, old comrade, and do it!

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