Be A Booster

What does the poet mean when he says, "Boost, and the world boosts with you"? Is Bush speaking of positive influences or is he talking about getting someone else to give you a boost so that you are able to finish whatever you start or to help you when you are under great burden? Well, the answer is quite simply that this poem reflects what is under your control, what you are able to do if you are willing. It is also obvious that what is not meant and that is to be a moaner rather than a doer.

Every person's life from the wealthiest to the poorest has issues and difficulties to confront. But, here is the proper way to view what befalls all of us, and that is complaining about a problem or issue or circumstance without a solution is the same as whining. In other words, if you remain stuck in the problem, you will never be able to see a way out. This solution-oriented attitude is applicable to any situation that may arise in your life. It applies to home and family, work and co-workers, organizations big and small, and all businesses. The sad truth is that this solution outlook is not normative behavior. It is unfortunate that most people can only see a problem. One may also argue that this type of attitude also encompasses worry. That is to say, that worry never solves a problem.

The conclusion and message to consider through the words of David Bush are these: be a self-booster; be an encourager to those around you and life will take on a much better perspective. This is a great poem by David V. Bush to remind us all to encourage or boost ourselves and others. Your attitude towards how you look at things - either a booster or a complainer - will determine your success!

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Be A Booster
by David V. Bush

Boost, and the world boosts with you;
Knock, and you knock alone;
If you're out to win through thick and thin
You must have the booster's tone!

Kick, and your toes will suffer;
Boost, and you'll put it through;
For the throng can't halt while you find fault,
But will pay you for what you do!

Boost, and the world respects you;
Knock, and it turns its face;
You must help, not balk; for the railer's talk
Keeps him back in the busy race.

Knock, and the doors are bolted;
Boost, and they open wide;
There is little use for sour abuse.
And they're looking for smiles inside!

Lift, and the load is easy;
Lean, and it seems too great;
You should throw your force in the proper course
If you want it to move the weight!

Boost, and the Fates will help you;
Knock, and the ill winds fret;
You can't keep afloat if you rock the boat,
Or speed if your brake is set!

Boost, and your spirit's happy;
Knock, and your fate's unkind;
You can reap no boon when you're out of tune,
For the crowd never stops to mind!

Boost, and the world is with you;
Knock, and you pine alone;
So blithely stand for your task and land.
And the world will become your own!

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