Be A Booster

A great poem by David V. Bush to remind us to encourage or boost ourselves and other people. Your attitude towards how you look at things - are you a booster or a complainer - will determine your success!

Be A Booster
by David V. Bush

Boost, and the world boosts with you;
Knock, and you knock alone;
If you're out to win through thick and thin
You must have the booster's tone!

Kick, and your toes will suffer;
Boost, and you'll put it through;
For the throng can't halt while you find fault,
But will pay you for what you do!

Boost, and the world respects you;
Knock, and it turns its face;
You must help, not balk; for the railer's talk
Keeps him back in the busy race.

Knock, and the doors are bolted;
Boost, and they open wide;
There is little use for sour abuse.
And they're looking for smiles inside!

Lift, and the load is easy;
Lean, and it seems too great;
You should throw your force in the proper course
If you want it to move the weight!

Boost, and the Fates will help you;
Knock, and the ill winds fret;
You can't keep afloat if you rock the boat,
Or speed if your brake is set!

Boost, and your spirit's happy;
Knock, and your fate's unkind;
You can reap no boon when you're out of tune,
For the crowd never stops to mind!

Boost, and the world is with you;
Knock, and you pine alone;
So blithely stand for your task and land.
And the world will become your own!

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