Hearts Waited

A Christmas poem about people waiting for the birth of Jesus. However, even with the birth, the miracles, and the resurrection of Jesus people do not seek Him, nor in some cases, did they believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Today, over 2000 years have passed and the same attitudes now prevail again, people turning away from God, not believing in Jesus, faith getting weaker, forgotten the miracle of Jesus birth. The poet is expressing his thoughts for this Christmas morning that people remember Jesus's birth. Be inspired and encouraged by this poetry.

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Hearts Waited
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

Hearts waited for the natal day,
When sin and shame would fly away,
And Christ be born!
Law would not light and peace impart,
And calm and sanctify the heart,
No peace did dawn!

Prophets spoke of a better time,
When beauty would on Zion shine,
And joy arise!
Almighty God did tarry long,
And faith was weak that once was strong,
And deep the sighs!

But all at once a Star appeared,
And those rejoiced who once had feared,
For Christ had come!
Though the Lord in a manger laid,
In glory great He was arrayed,
The world His home.

But now, how strange, we seek Him not,
How soon by human hearts forgot,
And set aside!
God, this holy Christmas morn,
Again let Jesus Christ be born,
Within reside.

And when our human race is run,
And all our mortal work is done,
Let Jesus reign!
Our souls may Jesus take and keep,
And wake us up from death, called sleep,
And all reclaim.

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Quotes from the Poem, Hearts Waited:

But all at once a Star appeared, and those rejoiced who once had feared, for Christ had come!
Caleb Davis Bradlee

Imagine the feeling of seeing the star the night Jesus was born. For years people prayed for their Messiah to come, Prophets predicted the birth of Jesus, and finally it happened. Fear turned into joy!

"God, this holy Christmas morn, again let Jesus Christ be born, within reside."
Caleb Davis Bradlee

A Christmas prayer and wish that Christ be remembered this Christmas. Today's culture forgets the reason why we celebrate Christmas, it has become very commercialized and the true meaning of Christmas is lost. These words are ones that would change the world if people really stopped and thought about the miracle of the birth of Jesus.

"Our souls may Jesus take and keep, and wake us up from death, called sleep, and all reclaim.
Caleb Davis Bradlee

A reminder that we all will die, and a prayer that Jesus will accept us in heaven.  But as the Bible says, you must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and you must ask for forgiveness of your sins.

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