Inscriptions For A Friend's House

Share this poem with your friends. A poem that reflects a home and the main points of a house and what they can mean. A poem full of wisdom which truth, honor, faith, and love make up a happy home!

This is a great poem to give someone as a housewarming gift, it will remind them of what a happy home is made of.

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Inscriptions For A Friend's House
Poet: Henry VanDyke

The cornerstone in Truth is laid,
The guardian walls of Honour made,
The roof of Faith is built above,
The fire upon the hearth is Love:
Though rains descend and loud winds call,
This happy house shall never fall.

The lintel low enough to keep out pomp and pride:
The threshold high enough to turn deceit aside:
The doorband strong enough from robbers to defend:
This door will open at a touch to welcome every friend.

When the logs are burning free,
Then the fire is full of glee:
When each heart gives out its best,
Then the talk is full of zest:
Light your fire and never fear,
Life was made for love and cheer.

Time can never take
What Time did not give;
When my shadows have all passed,
You shall live.

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