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Find a short poem for each week of the month. Weekly poetry to start your week on a positive note. Be encouraged by the words in the verses, written by poets who express positive thoughts on many different topics of life.

Dr. John Brown wrote, "Poetry is the expression of the beautiful - by words - the beautiful of the outer and of the inner world; whatever is delectable to the eye or the ear, the every sense of the body and of the soul — it presides over veras dulcedines rerum. It implies at once a vision and a faculty, a gift and an art. There must be the vivid conception of the beautiful, and its fit manifestation in language. A thought may be poetical, and yet not poetry; it may be a sort of mother liquor, holding in solution the poetical element, but waiting and wanting its precipitation, — its concentration into the bright and compacted crystal.

It is the very blossom and fragrancy and bloom of all human thoughts, passions, emotions, language; having for its immediate object — its very essence — pleasure and delectation rather than truth; but springing from truth, as the flower from its fixed and unseen root."

Reading a poem a week is a great way to start your week. We hope you have found encouragement in these verses!  And you may also find encouragement in our weekly quotes.

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Poem For The Week of October 3, 2022

. . . in all things keep yourselves loyal to truth

Be What We Are
Poet: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Let us, then, be what we are, and
speak what we think, and in all things
Keep yourselves loyal to truth,
and the sacred professions of friendship.

It is no secret I tell you,
nor am I ashamed to declare it:
I have liked to be with you,
to see you, to speak with you always.

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Poem For The Week of September 26, 2022

Each year that goes by Remember you are blessed

Years Go By
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Think of all the special people
Who love you and care
The people in your life
Who touched you by being there.

Don't count your candles
Or think about the years
Think about your blessings
Don't let your birthday be a fear.

Each year that goes by
Remember you are blessed
To have so many people
Who have contributed to your happiness.

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Poem For The Week of September 19, 2022

Beautiful autumn, with fruits and with grain; Beautiful winter, with snowflakes again.

Poet: W. A. Bixler

Beautiful sun that giveth us light,
Beautiful moon that shineth by night,
Beautiful planets in the heaven so far,
Beautiful twinkle of each little star.

Beautiful waters so blue and so clear,
Beautiful sound of the surges we hear,
Beautiful brooklet, its ripples so sweet,
Beautiful flowers that bloom at our feet.

Beautiful springtime when all is delight;
Beautiful summer, so warm and so bright;
Beautiful autumn, with fruits and with grain;
Beautiful winter, with snowflakes again.

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Poem For The Week of September 12, 2022

Autumn! I love thy bower, With faded garlands dressed

Poet: N. A. Haven

I love the dews of night;
I love the howling wind;
I love to hear the tempests sweep
O'er the billows of the deep!
For nature's saddest scenes delight
The melancholy mind.

Autumn! I love thy bower,
With faded garlands dressed;
How sweet alone to linger there
When tempests ride the midnight air!
To snatch from mirth a fleeting hour,
The Sabbath of the breast!

Autumn! I love thee well;
Though bleak thy breezes blow;
I love to see the vapors rise,
And clouds roll wildly round the skies,
Where from the plain the mountains swell.
And foaming torrents flow.

Autumn! thy fading flowers
Droop but to bloom again;
So man, though doomed to grief awhile,
To hang on Fortune's flckle smile,
Shall glow in heaven with nobler powers,
Nor sigh for peace in vain.

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Poem For The Week of September 5, 2022

Without you, love, the day would hold no light

Without You
Poet: Henry Dumont

Without you, love, the day would hold no light,
The kindly stars would vanish from the night,
The flowers would forget to wake at morn,
The rose die sleeping, leaving but the thorn,
Without you.

Without you, love, no promise would be bright,
Hope's golden sun would darken at its height,
The world of all its glory would be shorn,
And I should be a wanderer, forlorn
Without you.

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May your week be filled with happiness and sunshine. We hope these weekly poems are ones that inspire you and encourage you!

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