There Is No Unbelief

A Christian poem that expresses those who believe and those who don't. When you put your trust in God and see what He is doing around you it is hard to not believe.

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There Is No Unbelief
By Elizabeth York Case

There is no unbelief;
Whoever plants a seed beneath the sod
And waits to see it push away the clod –
He trusts in God.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever says when clouds are in the sky,
“Be patient, heart; light breaketh by and by,"
Trusts the Most High.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever sees ’neath winter’s fields of snow,
The silent harvest of the future grow –
God’s power must know.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever lies down on his couch to sleep,
Content to lock each sense in slumber deep,
Knows God will keep.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever says “tomorrow," “the unknown,"
“The future," trusts the power alone
He dares disown.

There is no unbelief;
The heart that looks on when the eyelids close,
And dares to live when life has only woes,
God’s comfort knows.

There is no unbelief;
For thus by day and night unconsciously
The heart lives by that faith the lips deny.
God knoweth why!

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