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  1. Remember no matter the challenges you face you have a purpose, you have a place - start your day, take time to pray  Catherine Pulsifer, Focus On The Day
    Just For Today Poems

  2. This is to pray, with honest heart, and purpose true, — "Thy kingdom come."   Helen G. Rice, Thy Kingdom Come
    A Prayer

  3. I center my focus on Jesus to whom all my pain is revealed. He promised not to forsake me, He said all my prayers will be heard;I trust His judgment completely; I fervently heed to His Word.  Greta Zwaan, Being Complaint
    Journey Of Faith

  4. ...the prayer the Lord has taught, which o'er our souls a rest has brought, will fill those souls with peace and love, and fix their gaze on Heaven above!  Caleb Davis Bradlee, The Lord's Prayer
    The Lord's Prayer - Our Father

  5. Prayer is the asking, in that faith, knowing it will come to thee.
  6. Prayer is the asking, in that faith, knowing it will come to thee.  Leonora Milliken Boss, What Is Faith and What Is Prayer?
    Faith Over Fear

  7. When ceaseless toil has hushed your song of gladness, and you have grown almost too tired to pray..... ease the burdens of each trying day: “This, too, shall pass away."   Lanta Wilson Smith, This Too, Shall Pass Away
    This Too Shall Pass Poems

  8. For prayer can bring some sunshine into the darkest day  Unknown, The Peoples Prayer
    God's Mercy Poems

  9. I realize my error, I've tried to swim alone, but God, please be my Lifeguard and bring me safely home.   Greta Zwaan, Swimming Upstream, Alone
    God Is In Control

  10. With God a day is like a thousand years. So as we pray about our fears trust in Him and His timing too - He knows better than we do.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    God's Timing

  11. When the trials seem too great and you've nowhere you can turn, Jesus opens up the avenue of prayer.   Greta Zwaan, Jesus, A Friend
    The Promises of God

  12. Is your life too busy to moment a day in prayer?   Unknown, A Message Of Love
    Journey With Jesus

  13. Knee deep in sorrow, an' knee deep in care. still keep on hopin' an' whisper your prayer   Edgar A. Guest, A Song
    Poems About Contentment

  14. He is my trust and my comfort; God hears and answers my prayers.
  15. He is my trust and my comfort; God hears and answers my prayers.  Greta Zwaan, Questions
    Spiritual Awakening Poems

  16. It may be I'm old-fashioned, but it seems to me to-day we're too much bent on having fun to take the time to pray   Edgar A. Guest
    An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

  17. Christmas is a time to pray giving thanks for the day. Catherine Pulsifer, A Time
    Christmas Time Is

  18. I want to be like Jesus, so freqruently in prayer; alone upon the mountain top, He met his Father there.   W. Meynell Whittemore, Like Jesus
    Follow Jesus

  19. If we don't demonstrate a love for our fellow man, if we don't demonstrate a caring for others then we need to pray to God to help us, to open our hearts so that we love each other.   Catherine Pulsifer
    The Brotherhood Of Man

  20. There are times when we pray and we can't understand why our prayers are not answered. However, we must learn to trust God as He knows what is best.
    Answered Prayers

  21. The prayers I thought unanswered once, were answered in God's own best way. To-day, aye! even this very hour is the best time I ever knew.
     Phoebe Cary, Reconciled

  22. Prayer is the signature of the soul on the correspondence with our Creator.
  23. Prayer is the signature of the soul on the correspondence with our Creator. William Arthur Ward, Thoughts On Prayer
    Prayer Can

  24. Father in heaven....let me draw near to you - I ask that you hear my prayer - I know your promises are true Kate Summers, Draw Near To You
    Prayers to Draw You Closer

  25. Give thanks in prayer for what God has so graciously given where a "good night" actually translates to experiencing a good night through the grace of God Byron Pulsifer
    Good Night

  26. How sweet when hearts their fullness tell in the words of that loving prayer; "Good-bye! good-bye!" - May God be nigh  John Imrie
    Good-bye Means Not Farewell

  27. Prayer is the prelude to peace   William Arthur Ward, Prayer Is
    If I Can

  28. When doubt and danger weighed me down, then pleading all for me. It was a fervent prayer to Heaven that bent my mother's knee.   Samuel Lover, My Mother's Knee
    You Only Get One Mother

  29. Trust in God, going to Him in prayer will result in a peace that is like no other. With God in our lives, our hope lives!  Byron Pulsifer
    On Hope's Broken Wing

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