The Golden Wedding

An inspiring short poem to recognize a golden wedding anniversary. The poem talks about a wedding that took place 50 years ago and how the couple took their vows, and no matter what happened - good or bad - they still were united. Thanks to God for their love and a blessing for them are written in this poem.

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The Golden Wedding
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

Just fifty years ago this day
Two hearts were joined in one!
They asked their God to guide their way,
Through Jesus Christ, the Son.

With truth and peace, with faith and love,
They pledged their life and hand;
And strengthened by the voice above,
United they did stand.

So hour by hour, and year by year,
Held up by mighty grace,
In doubt and joy, in cloud and fear,
They kept a trustful face.

Though fifty years have rolled along,
Behold the two are here!
Still safe and true, still brave and strong,
And to each other dear.

God we thank thee, thou hast spared
Thy children to this night;
That they so long thy love have shared,
And found their lives so bright.

Still keep them in thy holy care!
Still bless their hearts with peace,
And for bliss their souls prepare,
When earthly time shall cease.

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Another anniversary poem by Rev. Bradlee:

Anniversary Poem
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

Thy children gathered here in love
Would look, God, to thee above;
For grace would pray!
Enrich our mind, inspire our heart,
And unto each and all impart
True peace, this day!

While flowers we bring with earnest praise,
We would to thee our cry upraise
For strength and light!
help us by thy mighty hand,
And make us all, by thy command,
Pursue the right!

May all we say, and think, and do,
Be earnest, sacred, holy, true,
And filled with power!
Let glory now from Heaven descend,
Let angel-guards our Church defend,
And bless this hour!

An anniversary poem for a birthday:
 One Hundredth Anniversary Of The Birthday of Samuel Bradlee
1778 - 1878
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

How grand the echoes of the past,
That gather round the heart;
How sweet the glances on us cast,
That angel eyes impart!

We think of one who came to earth
A hundred years ago,
Who now lias found a spirit birth,
Where crystal fountains flow.

We speak of her who took his hand,
For fifty years of life;
Who now abides in God's own land, -
Our mother! and his wife.

We dream of those, their children dear,
Veiled from our mortal sight;
And we are sure that they are near,
On this our festive night.

A hundred years! how long the time!
How filled with joy and pain!
God give us all his own blest clime,
Ere they come round again!

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