A Prayer For Every Day

Use these short prayers each day; they are ones that can be prayed each and every day. Inspiring and uplifting words to make our requests and give thanks to God.

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  1. A Prayer For Every Day
    by Mary Carolyn Davies

    Make me too brave to lie or be unkind.
    Make me too understanding, too, to mind
    The little hurts companions give, and friends,
    The careless hurts that no one quite intends.
    Make me too thoughtful to hurt others so.

    Help me to know
    The inmost hearts of those for whom I care,
    Their secret wishes, all the loads they bear,
    That I may add my courage to their own.
    May I make lonely folks feel less alone,
    And happy ones a little happier yet.

    May I forget
    What ought to be forgotten; and recall
    Unfailing, all
    That ought to be recalled, each kindly thing,
    Forgetting what might sting.
    To all upon my way,
    Day after day,
    Let me be joy, be hope!
    Let my life sing!

  2. Lord Of Life and Light
    by Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Lord of life and light,
    Fount of truth and right,
    Guide us to-day!
    Give us strength and love,
    Send from Heaven above
    A kindling ray!

    Lord of peace and grace,
    Show to us thy face,
    And make us thine!
    Take our sins away;
    Change our night to day,
    God, divine.

    Hear, hear our prayer,
    Ever wilt thou spare
    Our souls from death!
    When our work is done,
    O, through Christ, the Son,
    Receive our breath.

  3. A Prayer
    by Hannah More

    Merciful and ever-loving God,
    I bless thee for thy care over me the past night.
    Grant me thy protection through the ensuing day;
    keep from me all evil;
    and whatever thou ordainest for me,
    in small or great events,
    may I remember that it is thy will,
    and that I must cheerfully
    take up my cross to follow the Lord Jesus,
    my Saviour and Redeemer.

  4. This Day
    by Hannah More

    Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,
    I come to thee to implore thine aid
    and protection through the ensuing day,
    and to offer thee thanks and praise for all thy mercies,
    and that of the past night's quiet rest.

    Make me to walk in thy ways,
    and so shall I be blessed.
    Give me the strength to do that which is righteous in thy sight,
    and may no allurements of gentleness or pleasure
    wile away my heart from thee.

    Make me diligent to do the day's work
    which is sot before me.
    And in all the trials of hourly existence,
    the infirmities of my temper and that of others,
    the crosses and disappointments of worldly hopes and cares,
    may I, God, lift up my heart unto thee,
    through Jesus Christ my Lord.

  5. Life Be Ours To-day
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    O God, Thy world is sweet with prayer;
    The breath of Christ is in the air;
    We rise on Thy free spirit’s wings,
    And every thought within us sings.

    Thou art our Morning and our Sun;
    Our work is glad, in Thee begun;
    Our foot-worn path is fresh with dew,
    For Thou createst all things new.

    O God within us and above,
    Close to us in the Christ we love,
    Through Him, our only Guide and Way,
    May heavenly life be ours to-day!

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