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A poem that thinks of Jesus and the love the Poet has for Him. When you think of all the things Jesus did how could you not love Him? Be inspired and uplifted by this poem about Jesus written by Poet, Caleb Davis Bradlee. You may also be inspired by our collection of poems about Jesus.

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I Love To Think Of Jesus
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

I love to think of that dear one
Who walked in Judah's land,
And called himself God's only Son,
Led by the Father's hand.

I love to dream of that clear eye
That gazed at human woe,
And with a grace from God on high,
Did holy joy bestow.

I love to speak of words he spoke,
So gentle and so great,
Which the slumbering echoes woke
Of our right royal state.

I love to muse on deeds he did,
So mighty and so grand, -
As he healed the sick, raised the dead,
All through the Holy Land.

I love to say, he is here now,
Blessing us each and all
Ready to catch the faintest vow,
Always within our call.

I love to feel he waits above,
That when our breath shall cease,
He may receive us to his love,
And crown us with his peace!

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Christ Our True Friend
Poet: Robert Boyd

There is scarcely any character under which
Christ in His Manhood is represented by
which He comes so near and dear to us as that of Friend.

Man is a social being, and a large portion
of our earthly enjoyment springs from the society
of our friends.
Now Jesus meets this deep want of our
nature by offering to all — the most guilty
transgressor — the homeless wanderer —
the abandoned outcast the precious
boon of His friendship.

But let us remember that while it is the
true friendship of man that Jesus offers us,
it is also that of God.
While He wears our nature,
and is truly our Brother,
He is also our King.

His friendship is therefore backed by Omnipotence,
and it cannot consequently possibly fail in what it
undertakes to do for us.

We may have an earthly friend who is neither
wanting in constancy of affection nor in willingness
to make any sacrifice to aid us, but is deficient in ability.

In the dark hour of our extremity,
when we most need aid,
he stands by, it may be, with a tearful eye
and a bleeding heart;
but utterly helpless to assist us.

But it is not so with Jesus. Never can we be
beyond the grasp of His powerful hand.
His resources are not only boundless,
but they are available when we most require them.

Let Me Go Over
Poet: Faber

O Paradise! O Paradise!
Who doth not crave thy rest?
Who would not seek the happy land
Where they that loved are blest?

Where loyal hearts and true
Stand ever in the light,
All rapture through and through
In God's most holy sight.

O Paradise! O Paradise!
The world is growing old;
Who would not be at rest and free
Where love is never cold?

O Paradise! O Paradise!
I greatly long to see
The special place my dearest Lord
In love prepares for me.

Lord Jesus, King of Paradise,
Oh keep me in Thy love,
And guide me to that happy land
Of perfect rest above!

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